Bushfire management

Bushfire management is a high priority in Ku-ring-gai. To help prevent bushfire we:

We're also a member of the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Bushfire Management Committee, which is responsible for coordinating bushfire planning in the local area. 

Hazard reduction burns

We work with Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to plan strategic hazard reduction burns.

The following burns are planned for 2015 - 2016, depending on weather conditions. Residents in surrounding areas are notified well in advance of a burn.

Proposal ID Location  Area of burn Map* Burn complete 
14 (14/15) Twin Creeks Reserve, Campbell Drive, Wahroonga  25.1ha Campbell Drive, Wahroonga (pdf. 12MB)  
63 (11/12) Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden, St Ives 4.3ha Wildflower Gardens, St Ives (pdf. 553KB) Partially complete
63 (09/10) Sugarbag Creek, Abingdon Road, Roseville  4.4ha Sugarbag Creek, Roseville (pdf. 576KB)  
33 (09/10) Blue Gum Creek Reserve, Glen Road, Roseville 4.4ha Glen Road, Roseville (pdf. 793KB)  
43 (10/11) Moores Creek Reserve, Carlyle Road, East Lindfield 6ha Carlyle Road, East Lindfield (pdf. 2MB)  
40 (09/10) Lockley Point, Koola Avenue, East Killara 15.3ha Lockley Point, East Killara (pdf. 708KB)  
46 (06/07) Naamaroo Conference Centre, Lady Game Drive, West Lindfield 5ha Naamaroo Conference Centre, West Lindfield (pdf. 658KB)  
 8 (11/12) Lane Cove National Park, Bimbil Place, Killara  4.7ha Lane Cove National Park Bimbil Place.pdf (pdf. 337KB)  
 12 (11/12) Garigal National Park, Burraneer Avenue, St Ives  78.5ha Garigal National Park Burraneer Avenue.pdf (pdf. 677KB)  
 27 (13/14) Dingley Dell Reserve, Grevillea Avenue, St Ives  5.2ha Dingley Dell Reserve Grevillea Avenue St Ives.pdf (pdf. 331KB) Partially complete
 36 (13/14) Garigal National Park, Jessica Gardens, St Ives   109.2ha Garigal National Park Jessica Gardens St Ives.pdf (pdf. 481KB)  
 53 (13/14) Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Sphinx/The Landings, North Turramurra   100.9ha Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Sphinx Nth Turramurra.pdf (pdf. 411KB)  
 56 (13/14) Bradley Park, Tarook Avenue, South Turramurra   8.8ha Bradley Park Tarook Avenue Sth Turramurra.pdf (pdf. 336KB)  
 64 (11/12) St Ives Showground, St Ives  17.3ha St Ives Showground St Ives.pdf (pdf. 307KB) Partially complete     
 9 (14/15) Blackbutt Reserve, Bolwarra Avenue West Pymble  12.8ha Bolwarra Avenue, West Pymble (pdf. 14MB)  

*Boundaries may change slightly based on landscape

The following burns have recently been completed:

ID Location  Area of burn Map* Completed
50(12/13) Seven Little Australians Park, Slade Avenue, Lindfield 2.9ha Slade Avenue, Lindfield (pdf. 541KB) October 2014
41 (11/12)

Sir Phillip Game Reserve South, Winchester Avenue, Lady Game Drive, West Lindfield


Winchester Avenue, West Lindfield (pdf. 648KB)

October 2014

 56 (14/15)  

Yarralumla HR (Crown Lands), St Ives Chase


Yarralumla, St Ives Chase (pdf. 12MB)


October 2014

 59 (13/14)  

Garigal National Park, Tryon Road, East Lindfield


Garigal National Park Tryon Road East Lindfield.pdf (pdf. 589KB)

October 2014
 66 (13/14)  

CSIRO, Bradfield Road, West Lindfield


CSIRO, Bradfield Road, West Lindfield (pdf. 1MB)

August 2015

6 (11/12)


Lane Cove National Park and Browns End Reserve, Beltana Place/Browns Road, Wahroonga




Browns Road, Wahroonga (pdf. 709KB)

October 2015

22 (11/12)


Coups Creek, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Wahroonga




Coups Creek, Wahroonga (pdf. 543KB)

October 2015

3 (13/14)


Lovers Jump Creek Reserve, Banks Avenue, North Turramurra




Lovers Jump Creek Reserve Banks Avenue.pdf (pdf. 373KB)

December 2015

54 (13/14)


STEP Track, Canoon Road, South Turramurra




STEP Track Canoon Road Sth Turramurra (pdf. 315KB)

October 2015

23 (13/14)


Ku-ring-gai Creek Reserve, Craig Street, St Ives Chase




Ku-ring-gai Creek Reserve Craig Street (pdf. 352KB)

 October 2016

35 (14/15)


Lovers Jump Creek Reserve, Grosvenor Road North Wahroonga




Grosvenor Road, North Wahroonga (pdf. 12MB)

November 2016

37 (15/16)


Cliff Oval, North Wahroonga




Cliff Oval, North Wahroonga (pdf. 1MB)

November 2016

If you would like to conduct a hazard reduction burn on private property contact the RFS.

Neighbourhood Safer Places

Neighbourhood Safer Places are places of last resort. They are open spaces that may provide protection from the immediate, life-threatening effects of bushfire, however, they are not evacuation centres and help may not be available.

There are eight Bushfire Neighbourhood Safer Places in Ku-ring-gai.

Neighbourhood Safer Place



Claude Cameron Grove

Corner Westbrook Avenue and Kintore Street, Wahroonga

Claude Cameron Grove map

Turramurra Memorial Park

Karuah Road, Turramurra

Turramurra Memorial Park map

Kent Oval

3 Kent Road, North Turramurra

Kent Oval map

Bannockburn Oval

Bannockburn Road, Pymble

Bannockburn Oval map

Regimental Park

20 Lorne Avenue, Killara

Regimental Park map

Roseville Park

60a Clanville Road, Roseville

Roseville Park map

Burt Oldfield Oval

Rosebery Road, Killara

Burt Oldfield Oval

North Turramurra Golf Club House Bobbin Head Road, North Turramurra  North Turramurra Golf Club House
Robert Pymble Park Alma Street, Pymble  Robert Pymble Park 
St Ives Village Green Memorial Avenue, St Ives  St Ives Village Green