Fires Near Me app

The NSW RFS Fires Near Me app allows you to access current bush fire information by proximity to your location and can be viewed in map format. The icons on the map also advise of the current alert level status of a fire and whether a total fire ban is in place.
Download the FiresNearMe app:
For iPhone and iPad

Keep up to date

Keep up to date with weather warnings and total fire ban advice for your area on TV news, radio 702 AM and via the NSW RFS website and socia media pages. Knowing and responding to bush fire alert levels will help you make informed decisions.
You may receive an emergency warning on your phone but don't rely on a warning or evacuation message as some fires start and spread so quickly there may not be any time for a warning. 

Leave early or stay and defend

Decide what your personal triggers will be to either leave early or stay and defend.
Here are some useful tips:

  • On bad fire weather days arrange to go out for the day – voluntary relocation is better than forced evacuation.
  • If you choose to stay you should be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to defend your home. You should only stay if your house is built to bush fire standards and it is well prepared.
  • Enact your bush fire survival plan – you should also have a contingency plan.
  • If you have vulnerable people in your home eg. children, elderly, less-mobile or your house is not prepared you should plan to leave early.
  • Communicate your intentions and actions with your family, neighbours and friends before the fire and when you need to act.
  • Make up an emergency survival kit or grab box before summer (you may want something for other types of emergencies too) and a list with essential last minute items in case you need to leave in a hurry.
  • Ask your child’s school if they have a bush fire plan and make childcare arrangements with friends and family if you need to.
  • Make prior arrangements for your pets if you can.
  • Do not rely on a fire truck being available to protect your house or to be told when to go.
  • Plan to be self-sufficient. 

Report any unsafe or suspicious fire activity to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. To report a fire emergency call Triple Zero (000).
 The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) offers more information on preparing yourself and your family.

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