Ecological communities

Coastal Sandstone Heath

This type of vegetation thrives on Ku-ring-gai's sandy geology, with diverse species such as the Scrub She-oak, Heath-leaved Banksia and Dwarf Oak adapted to the dry conditions.

Sydney Sandstone Gully Forest

This forest also thrives on Ku-ring-gai's geology of Hawkesbury Sandstone and is common in gullies and on sheltered slopes. Forest species include the Smooth-barked Apple, Red Bloodwood, Sydney Peppermint, Blackbutt, Sunshine Wattle and Old Man Banksia.

Sydney Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland

Sydney Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland is often found on plateaus, ridges or exposed slopes with dry, sandy soil. This community has a lot of variation, from open forest to heathland, and includes species such as the Narrow-leafed Apple, Scribbly Gum, Sydney Peppermint, Stringybark, Wattle and Flannel Flower, which provide food and habitat for many threatened animals, such as the Glossy Black Cockatoo and Powerful Owl.