Weeds compete with our native species for resources and threaten the health of habitats. Some types of weed are classified as ‘noxious’ by the Department of Primary Industries as they pose a serious problem to human health, the environment, livestock and agriculture.

Both native plants, such as Golden Wreath Wattle, and exotic species, like the Madeira Vine, can be considered noxious.


Weeds on private property

Property owners are required to remove noxious weeds from their land in accordance with the Noxious Weeds Act. You can check whether a weed is noxious by searching the Noxious Weed Declarations.

There are a variety of weed control and removal methods, including hand-pulling, herbicides and ‘cut-and-paint’. Browse some weed removal factsheets to get started.

Weeds on public property

We control weeds in public areas such as parks and reserves, as well as in business or shopping areas where weeds affect footpaths and car parks.

Our priority is on noxious weeds, especially in natural areas where biodiversity is threatened. Bushcare volunteers also remove noxious weeds in bushland.

We strive to prevent weeds by maintaining healthy environmental conditions in natural areas, preventing noxious weeds from being planted and ensuring greenwaste is disposed of properly.

Weed management policy

Weed Management Policy (pdf. 997KB) 

Pesticide use notification plan for outdoor public places

Pesticide Use Notification Plan for Outdoor Public Places (pdf. 156KB)