Web Map - Online mapping tool


Welcome to our new online mapping tool

Council’s new Web Map is an easy to use online mapping service that will help people plan their activities and find services they need.

The service unlocks a comprehensive  range of information and search functions for the first time, allowing people to make decisions and access items of interest at a time that suits them.

Get started by clicking on the Web Map link below.


What you can do

Some of the available functions include:

  • Learn more about your property
  • Land parcel mapping and legal descriptions.
  • Property related information.
  • View different map layers depending on the information you are after – planning zones, development standards, topography, bush fire prone land, vegetation etc.

  • View aerial photography of all land in Ku-ring-gai – 2014.

  • Find a facility near to you – schools, childcare, playgrounds, parks, dog off leash areas etc.
  • View heritage items and areas
  • View Federal, State and Local Government Electoral boundaries.
  • Measurement and Printing tools.
  • Link to Google Street View

View the manual for more information on how to use this resource.

* Please note this system is for desktop use only.  Tablet and mobile versions will be available in the future.