Native species profiles



Brush Turkey

The Australian Brush Turkey lives on the east coast from Cape York to Illawarra.


Ku-ring-gai is home to many different species of frogs in a variety of water habitats.

Grey-headed flying-fox

Ku-ring-gai is home to an important maternal colony of the grey-headed flying-fox.
powerful owls

Powerful Owls

Powerful Owls have been monitored within a reserve in the south-west of Ku-ring-gai for more than 10 years.

Eastern Pygmy-Possum

Eastern Pygmy Possums are found in bushland areas in Ku-ring-gai and are officially listed as vulnerable.

Rosenberg's Goanna

Rosenberg's Goanna is a fascinating creature. Reaching up to a length of 1.5 metres and laying its eggs within termites mounds.
Magpie_samcem05 thumbail.jpg

Australian Magpie

The distinctive black and white bird has adapted well to human habitation, and is familiar to backyards, parks and gardens, occurring almost everywhere in Australia.