About ticks

Ticks are bloodsucking, external parasites that are often encountered by people. Ticks belong to the order Acarina, which also contains mites.

The Australian tick fauna consists of approximately 75 species that can be divided into two families - soft ticks (Family Argasidae) and hard ticks (Family Ixodidae).

Ticks can cause mild to life threatening reactions. You can find out more about tick induced allergies at the Tick Induced Allergies Research and Awareness and

Australian Society of Clinical immunology and allergy (ascia).

Useful resources

View more information on ticks.  (pdf. 43KB)

Australian Association of Bush Regenerators Tick Guide 2013.pdf  (pdf. 2MB)

Dr Nathan Lo Research paper 2015.pdf (pdf. 4MB)

Dr Nathan Lo presentation-April 2016 (pdf. 8MB)

Get involved with tick research

The Tick Borne Diseases Research Unit at the University of Sydney are currently in need of live ticks, both fed and unfed, of all species to assist with their research into tick-borne pathogens and tick biology.

Live ticks may be collected and placed in a small container or zip lock bag with a moist tissue to provide humidity. Information including the date collected, tick host (eg. human, dog, cat etc) and location (suburb and state) should be provided. We request that engorged/fed adult ticks be provided with some form of hard plastic protection as they may rupture in the mail.

Ticks may be posted to:

Brooke Storey-Lewis

Tick Borne Disease Research Unit

Disclipline of Pharmacology

Room 265, Blackburn Building D06

The University of Sydney, NSW 2006

Collection vials can be provided on request. For further information please contact bstoreylewis@hotmail.com.

Protect your animals from ticks

Signs your animal could be suffering from a paralysis tick include:

  • breathing difficulties
  • coughing
  • vomiting 
  • wobbly legs and collapse

If the tick is not removed your pet could die from heart or respiratory failure.

Get your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

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