Echo Point Park seawall conservation


Works completed - October 2015

The restoration of the seawall is now complete, works included:

  • Environmental plans and controls.
  • Excavations.
  • Footing pour - Marine concrete.
  • Wall construction.


The construction of Roseville Bridge was officially opened by Premier Sir George Fuller on 20 September 1924. Increased patronage justified the rebuilding of Roseville Baths officially opened by Mayor Creswell O’Reilly on 25 November 1933, costing just under £6,000.

Construction of a concrete and stone sea wall and filling to extend the foreshore by 740m2 allowed for …main pool, diving tower, and pool structure of timber decking on timber piles, sheeted around with turpentine.”

Concrete and stone seawalls supported fill material that extended the foreshore.Echo Point Park seawall is located at the end of Babbage Road, East Roseville.

Echo_Point_collapsing_wall Echo_Point_wall_construction

Need for the works

A Heritage Impact Statement advised: The subject section of wall is in poor condition and individual portions of stone are eroded and weathered. It is part of a line of stone walls that is quite disparate in terms of the ways in which stone has been used. The quality of stone and possibly workmanship in the subject section of seawall is inferior to the other sections of wall, and may relate to repairs and other works undertaken in the 1960s and 1970s following the demolition of Roseville Bridge and Roseville Baths.

  • The following actions are recommended, based on the assessment of heritage significance and the condition of the seawall.
  • The seawall will need to be reconstructed. The condition of many of the stone blocks precludes reuse.
  • Record wall prior to demolition.
  • Carefully dismantle wall. Any sound and regular shaped blocks of stone should be salvaged for reuse in the new structure.

More information

Contact: Craig Roberts, Projects Officer


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