Golden Jubilee Field playground upgrade


The upgrade for the playground at Golden Jubilee was completed in April 2017. 


Key features of the upgrade

  • A junior cycle track in ‘Tiny Town’ caters for smaller children and a perimeter path contains the playground. These surfaces are accessible and enable all children, including those with special needs, to get around and into the tiny town buildings and use the play panels for a fun and imagination filled play time.
  • Active play elements such as a four-way rocker and a double-nest swing with junior swing seat are all connected with rubber softfall access paths so all children can participate in the action.
  • A challenging ‘baseball’ climbing structure with rubber softfall access pathways so children who are able to climb can get into the equipment and slide down.
  • Additional seating and planting to increase visitor comfort

  • Trees planted to provide sustainable and growing natural shade at the play space. (Council encourages users and their carers to comply with Cancer Council's Sun Smart policies)

  • No fence was installed around the playground because this location is set back from the local road. The existing open nature of the play space, encourages free running, imaginative and exuberant play, such as rolling down the grassy slopes.

  • This is an area where dogs must be on a leash and kept a minimum of 10m away from the playground in accordance with the Companion Animals Act.

Reasons behind the upgrade

The playground reached the end of its useable asset life.The proposed playground complies with the requirements of the recently revised Australian Standards for Playgrounds and Softfall and will be certified on completion of the works. 

In accordance with Council’s Access and Disability Inclusion Plan 2014–2018, all children will be able to access the playground and be included in the game. 

This playground is connected to the link pathway through the site that encourages further exploring to the rear of the site where the land opens up to expansive views to the north. Here park users can feel the wind, and enjoy watching the sporting games, sunset soarers and dog off-leash area.

For additional information

Contact: Craig Roberts, Projects Officer


Phone: (02) 9424 0818

Fax: (02) 9424 0213

Visit: 818 Pacific Highway, Gordon