Terms and Conditions

architecture and urban design awards

  1. The Awards are open to everyone except for staff and immediate family members of: Ku-ring-gai Council, Council’s elected members and the Awards Panel of judges.
  2. There is no entry application cost associated with nominations.
  3. Ku-ring-gai Council is not liable for lost or damaged submissions.
  4. The nominator/ contact person’s details will not be publicly viewable and will only be used for contact purposes regarding an inspection for any shortlisted entry.
  5. Council may refuse an entry if it considers at its discretion that the entry does not comply with the entry requirements.
  6. The entry must be an approved project within the Ku-ring-gai Council area, and have been completed within the past five years, that is, no earlier than 1 January 2012.
  7. Where the same entry is applying for consideration under a number of Categories, a separate application is to be made for each Category, including separate online Nomination Form and Additional Documentation.
  8. In the event that an entry is shortlisted, the Nominator must have all agreements from all relevant parties to allow and facilitate an inspection by the Panel of judges on Thursday 27 April 2017 between 10.00am to 3.00pm.
  9. The Nominator, or the practice by which they are given authority, must personally have the authority of each and every owner of the copyright in the project and the project materials (photos, written and graphic material, and any other items and information submitted in the entry) to authorise, and do authorise, Council’s use of the project materials for Council’s promotional purposes.
  10. Council has the right to reproduce any part of an entry for promotional purposes, without limitation on Ku-ring-gai Council’s website and in other Council materials including online platforms and print publication and elsewhere for promotional purposes. The Nominator and Property Owner, and authors of all materials understand that the nomination entry will be made available for public viewing on Council’s website, to facilitate public voting for the People’s Choice Award.
  11. Ku-ring-gai Council will not pay royalties or other payments for the use of any entry materials.
  12. The Nominator, or the practice by which the Nominator is given authority to make this promise, will indemnify and reimburse Council its direct and indirect costs of a claim by any person against Council in relation to copyright or other rights concerning an entry, including replicates of project materials submitted. The Nominator acknowledges that any amount which they or the practice must pay includes damages, settlement amount or compensation Council has paid to any person with regards to any aspect of an entry, and Council’s actual legal costs.
  13. The Awards will be judged by the Panel of Judges. The number of categories and prizes allocated will be at the sole discretion of the Panel of Judges. The Nominator accepts the decision of the Panel as final and agrees to forgo all rights they have or may have, to make any claim against the Panel or Council for damage or loss of any type arising out of any act, decision or omission of the Panel.
  14. Submissions close Monday 5.00pm 17 April 2017.