Ku-ring-gai Anzacs

Ku-ring-gai Anzacs – Rallying the Troops

Over 1300 men and women with links to Ku-ring-gai served in World War I.  One in every ten was decorated. One in every five did not return. What they all did for Australia was monumental.

The Ku-ring-gai Historical Society have brought together a vast and rich collection of biographies and photographs recording the stories of the local men and women who served in the First World War.

Rallying the Troops provides information on the 1,300 locals - an impressive figure given the population of the area in 1914 was around 12,000.

At least 24 of the 1300 were nurses, more than 130 were publicly recognised by awards and decorations, and over 260 were killed in action or died of wounds or illness.

The personal details, articles, and photographs about each person recorded in Rallying the Troops will help generations to come to remember the people, and not just the numbers, who stood up to serve their nation.

Volume 1 contains the war stories of those with names beginning A to F, approximately one third of all those who volunteered.  It also includes chapters on our area as it was at the outbreak of war, on recruiting, enlistment and the rifle clubs, the early battles in which our veterans were involved, information on our local memorials and a guide to the memorials and cemeteries overseas where our dead are commemorated.

Reading the stories this historic publication contains will fill you with sadness at the loss of young lives, but also a deep appreciation and respect for their commitment, achievements and endurance.

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