Ku-ring-gai Community Grants

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Ku-ring-gai Community Grants 2016 - Now Closed

Each year we offer community groups the chance to get their projects off the ground, purchase much-needed equipment or fund arts and cultural activities, through the Ku-ring-gai Community Grants (KCG) program. Grants closed 5pm Friday 8 July.

The Ku-ring-gai Community Grants program contains three core funding streams to support community based initiatives. The three funding categories are:

  • Small Equipment grant.
  • Community Development programs.
  • Arts & Cultural programs.

The purpose of the grants program is to build the capacity of organisations to deliver new and innovative projects and services. Projects which are identical to those submitted in previous years will not be given a high priority.

Previous successful applicants include multicultural resources in preschools to explore cultural diversity, camping equipment for scouts and guides, IT equipment for volunteer training programs, a community garden for intellectually disabled young adults, cooking classes for widowers and carers, Lunar New Year intercultural celebrations, music therapy for older adults, Spanish-speaking migrants sharing traditional music and arts with children.

Application forms

Application forms will be available on Smarty Grants, our new online application system.

Supporting documents

The documents below should be read in conjunction with the electronic application forms.

Ku-ring-gai Community Grants Program 2016 - Arts Cultural Guidelines  (pdf. 677KB)

Ku-ring-gai Community Grants Program 2016 - Community Development Guidelines  (pdf. 681KB)

Ku-ring-gai Community Grants Program 2016 - Small Equipment Guidelines  (pdf. 683KB)

Ku-ring-gai Community Grants Program 2016 - General Information for Applicants  (pdf. 695KB)

Priority funding areas

Refer to "Project details - Q6" on each electronic application form.

Please indicate how your proposed project (not your service as a whole) addresses one or more of the priority funding areas.  Outline the project objectives and expected outcomes for each priority funding area (i.e. what will happen as a result of completing the project)?

Priority Funding Areas which align with Ku-ring-gai Council long-term plans are:  Children and Families; Young People; Older People; People with Disabilities; People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds; Women; Community Safety; Arts/Cultural Pursuits; Economic and Social Development.

Statement by supplier form

Organisations which do not have an ABN must submit a Statement by Supplier form  - refer to "Contact details - ABN question" on each electronic application form.

Organisation template

You can download the Organisation template here and use this each time you apply for a grant. 

Need help with online application form?

Appling for Grants : Community Grants Workshop Presentation 2016 document

If you need help with the online application forms, please contact Suzanna La Cava on 9424 0896 or slacava@kmc.nsw.gov.au.  

There is also a Help Guide for Applicants on the SmartyGrants website which will be helpful.

More information

Suzanna La Cava on 9424 0896 or slacava@kmc.nsw.gov.au

Acquittal of KCG 2015

If your organisation received funding through the Ku-ring-gai Community Grants program in 2015, please complete and return the following acquittal documents by 31 May 2016.

KCG 2015 Acquittal form 

Statutory declaration form

Alternative sources of funding

The NSW Government has distributed a list of Funding Opportunities for Community Groups.  Possible sources of funding include:

  • Government gateways to community grants.
  • Non-government gateways to community grants.
  • Grants in selected subject areas.
  • Selected private sector/non-government funding sources.
  • Selected local government funding sources.
  • 2016 Ku-ring-gai Community Grants.

The document provides links to many funding opportunities relevant to local community groups.  Some of these are:

The federal Department of Social Security has, in the past, offered funding to help support volunteers in your organisation through their "Volunteer Grants".  The link to the 2015 funding program is:

In addition, there is a comprehensive list of Private Sector Funding Sources: