New Lindfield Library

Lindfield-library artist impression

The new Lindfield Library will be part of the exciting Lindfield Community Hub project which aims to inject new life into the heart of Lindfield, and will also include cafes and restaurants; underground car parking and more open spaces for communal life.  

The site of the current library also includes a meeting room, resource room and space for KYDS (teenage counselling service), which will all be included in the community hub site.

Features of the new Lindfield Library

The new Lindfield Library will be located on the western side of Lindfield local centre on the Council car park off Woodford Lane behind the Pacific Highway shops.

In order to identify community needs and determine a vision and guidelines for the new library, Council commissioned the Lindfield Community Facilities Study (pdf. 4MB). This study included a review of current Council facilities, benchmark case studies as well as extensive stakeholder and community consultation.  

Some key features that the study recommended should be included in the new library include:

  • Accessible – a place that is designed to be universally accessible inside and out and cater to all people in every way, including people with disabilities and older people
  • Welcoming, inclusive and accommodating –  a place that can be used by a diverse range of people and groups
  • Spacious and open – a light, bright, free flowing, facility with generous spaces and connections between inside and outside
  • Flexible and multi-use – spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes and by many different groups
  • Iconic – an iconic building design that reflects the distinct identity of the local area/community
  • Modern – a contemporary building design with colourful spaces and up-to-date technology, systems and equipment
  • Sustainable – an environmentally sustainable building with natural lighting and ventilation.
  • Adaptable – a building that can adapt and change over time to allow for new uses.

 View the Lindfield Community Facilities Study (pdf. 4MB)

Why do we need a new library?

The current Lindfield branch library on the Pacific Highway is about 60 years old and in need of a significant overhaul, which is why it will be relocated and a new library will be purpose built to reflect the needs of library users.

Studies and community consultation identified that the current Lindfield Library site, located at 259-271 Pacific Highway, is unable to deliver modern services to meet the needs of the community in the future. Some of the gaps identified include:  

  • Inadequate space for all activities and collections
  • Shortage of shelving
  • Lack of study and reading spaces
  • Inadequate children's area and lack of separation of this area
  • Inadequate space for events
  • Lack of contemporary technology inclusions.
  • Lack of adequate parking as well as issues relating to access

About the Lindfield Community Hub

The Lindfield Community Hub will be a vibrant precinct on the western side of Lindfield centre in Woodford Lane behind the Pacific Highway shops. The project aims to inject new life into the heart of Lindfield by delivering a range of shopping and housing options, community facilities as well as a new Lindfield Library branch.

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