Lindfield Village Living (259 - 271 Pacific Highway)

What is Lindfield Village Living?


The Lindfield Village Living project sits within the Lindfield Local Centre, located at 259 - 271 Pacific Highway and has a total land area of approximately 5,850m².

The site is bound by the Pacific Highway to the west, the North Shore rail line to the east, existing commercial development to the north and existing residential apartments to the south. The site is considered to have good exposure and aspect and proximity to the Pacific Highway, is situated 150 metres from Lindfield Station and is within the vicinity of the proposed Lindfield Village Hub and Lindfield Village Green.  

The site currently contains a number of Council services and facilities including:

  • Lindfield branch library.
  • Former Arrunga Aged Care self-contained units (now vacated).
  • Former Lindfield Seniors Centre.
  • Former Lindfield Seniors Resource Centre.
  • Ku-ring-gai Youth Development Service (KYDS).
  • Lindfield Community Centre tennis courts and sun shelter.
  • Car park and access road
  • Other elements on the site are toilet facilities, landscaped areas and a former well (subject to investigation).

What have we done so far?

Council resolved in July 2015 to prepare a concept design for the current Lindfield Library site at 259 - 271 Pacific Highway, Lindfield.

View the 28 July 2015 Council report here.

The existing community use of the library will be relocated to the other side of the Pacific Highway within the Lindfield Community Hub project.

This decision was guided by economic modelling which found that the best use of this land was for residential development. It also took into consideration the extensive community facilities and open space that will be provided in the Lindfield Village Hub and Lindfield Village Green projects.

The site is situated between the Pacific Highway and the railway line making it ideal for high density residential housing.

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council (OMC) on 6 September 2016, Council adopted the planning proposal for the rezoning and reclassification of land at 259 – 271 Pacific Highway Lindfield from Community Land to Operational Land. The rezoning and reclassification of the site enables the site to be redeveloped in accordance with Council’s adopted masterplan.

Click here to view the OMC 6 September 2016 report (pdf. 117KB).

On 6 December 2018 Council lodged a Development Application (DA) for a residential apartment building on site.

See all information on that application on Council's DA Tracker here

The DA will be assessed independently of Council by the Sydney North Planning Panel.

What's next?

Lindfield Library will continue to operate while the new library at the Lindfield Village Hub is planned and built.

Frequently asked questions 

View FAQs concerning plans for the 259 - 271 Pacific Highway site and the new Lindfield Library branch. 

Contact us

For information regarding the project, please contact the Project Leader, Dean Payne on (02) 9424 0000.