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Open for Business program

Council started the Open for Business online support program in April. The program of online events was set up to help local companies and individuals maintain and protect their businesses.

Since 15 April, over 600 attendees have joined local business experts to learn more about a range of topics from marketing to business planning.

In the new financial year the program is changing slightly. The webinars are now occurring monthly slot and new Open for Business Peer Support Program sessions will be held three times a month.

The Open For Business Peer Support Program brings together small groups of local business people in an intimate online environment to share information about their business and the current challenges and opportunities. The program aims to:

  • Help local businesses support each other in challenging times.
  • Provide opportunities for collaborate learning.
  • Build new profitable connections.
  • Strengthen local business resilience.

The sessions will on occasion have subject expert guest facilitators to help run proceedings with discussion focused specifically on their associated specialties.

Attendance is limited to eight businesses plus facilitators. It's kept intimate to enable meaningful connections and learning opportunities.

See more information below.

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Open for Business Peer Support program

As outlined above the Open for Business Peer Support program is set up to assist local businesses connect with each other. The casual sessions will focus on problem solving, support and business development, with attendees encouraged to bring their ideas to help others in the room.

By attending, local business will make new contacts and build networks while getting assistance and support to solve their business challenges.

Register below for the upcoming sessions:

Open for Business Peer Support session 8 July 2020, 10am-11.30am

Open for Business Peer Support session 15 July 2020, 10am-11.30am

Open for Business Peer Support session 22 July 2020, 10am-11.30am

Open for Business Peer Support session 29 July 2020, 10am-11.30am

Please note, only register if you definitely plan on attending. The sessions will not work if there are no-shows. By registering and not attending you may also be taking a spot from someone else.

Waiting list - due to the low numbers of spaces available at each event, it is likely that the sessions will be oversubscribed. If you are unable to register due to the event being full, please email and you be added to the waiting list. Should a space free up prior to the session you will be contacted.

Open for Business webinars

Upcoming webinars

Open for Business Webinar 13 - Six practical ways to increase your effectiveness and productivity by improving your wellbeing

Wednesday 12 August 10am-11.30am

If you work in small business you are the key to its success. But what if you’re not firing on all cylinders? 

In the current challenging environment, your business needs you to be at the top of your game to ensure it survives and thrives.

This webinar will uncover the six practical, evidence-based steps you can take to improve your wellbeing as you work, and walk away with a personal wellbeing plan that you can action in five minutes or less each day. 

Local business coach Sian Mertens, who brings nearly twenty years’ experience in corporate HR and Organisational Development roles, will guide you through a process that will help you on your way to improved wellbeing and performance.

Register now 

Previous webinars

See below details, webinar recordings and useful information of past events from the Open for Business program.

Webinar 12 - The help available for you to tackle challenges and opportunities in the new financial year

Held on Wednesday 1 July, Antony DÇruz, Regional Engagement Manager from Service NSW and Katherine Blizard from Realise Business shared tips and examples of how businesses are adapting and thriving in these challenging times.

Webinar 11 - Simple financial forecasting tools to apply for your future business success

Held on Wednesday 24 June, Adam West, a former banker, company valuer and management consultant worked through a simple template that will guide you to ask the important questions about your business and address any issues.

Webinar 10 - Building Blocks for Marketing - the five things you need to identify before you start

Held on Wednesday 17 June local marketing expert Jane Baxter discussed the five things you need to establish before you get into your marketing nitty gritty. 


Webinar 9 - How to effectively use LinkedIn to connect with your clients

Held on Wednesday 10 June, speaker Karen Tisdell one of the top 10 LinkedIn trainers gave tips on how to create a strong and valuable network; ensure you are front-of-mind with the people who matter and ensure your time on LinkedIn delivers a return. 


Webinar 8 - Maximising your access to Government financial support

Held Wednesday 3 June, Keith Whelan, AKA the Grants Guy reviewed the COVID 19 financial support currently available from the state and federal government. He also discussed identification, explanation and review of Federal & State Government COVID 19 Business Support Funding and Government Business Grants; planning for a grants applications; guidance on grant writing including practical writing tips and creating grants templates for standard application questions. 



Webinar 7 - Developing a COVID-19 business plan

Held on Wednesday 27 May, Brendan Ryan, a business consultant who specialises in helping Australian SMEs took us through a 12-step business plan, tailored for SMEs in the post-COVID environment.

View the information slides here (pdf. 1MB)

How-to template (pdf. 1MB) to be used in conjunction with the video which includes written guidance and instruction throughout on using the planning template and applying it.

To-do template (pdf. 1MB), a blank business plan template to do your own planning for your business.



Webinar 6 - Building a Profitable Referral Network to grow your business faster

Held on Wednesday 20 May, Guy de Tourettes, founder of referral specialist Harvey Pence outlined the simple steps you can take to maximise the effectiveness of your network to build sales opportunities and brand awareness, while strengthening connections to secure long term profitable relationships.

Webinar 5 - Monetising your pivot - how to adapt, survive and still make money in challenging times

Held on Wednesday 13 May, business and sales specialist Maree Kirkpatrick gave practical tips on how to shift your business to meet the changing needs of your clients. 

View the information slides here (pdf. 1000KB)


Webinar 4 - Maximising your online presence

Held on Wednesday 6 May, Webinar presenter Richard Pearce from DOLLARS shared practical tips about having a more effective and profitable web presence.

View the video and information slides here 

Webinar 3 - Using Facebook to build your business and community - from ads to content and Facebook groups

Held on Wednesday 29 April, hosted by Heather Porter, one of only 9 certified Facebook Community Trainers in Australia and New Zealand, this webinar showed how you can and should be using Facebook to support your business right now by strengthening your brand, building awareness of your goods or services and maintaining or increasing sales.

View the information slides here (pdf. 1MB)

Training library


Webinar 2 - How to set up and run your online shop

Held on Wednesday 22 April, hosted by Ben Barin, MD of digital consultancy TBST Digital, the workshop provided information needed to take your business online and covered all aspects of an online store from set-up, order management, payments and everything in between.

Webinar 1 - What’s your Small Business Lockdown Plan?

Held on Wednesday 15 April, Alexi Boyd, Radio host of Small Biz Matters shared practical strategies on how to get through the shutdown with a checklist tailored for small business.

Topics covered included revisit or start your business plan; social media planning; and legals and insurance.

View the information slides (pdf. 2MB)


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