Create your dream home - Greenstyle


Our Greenstyle home and garden assessment visits are paused during the COVID-19 situation, but we are offering this great alternative virtually.

Eco-friendly home-advice

Are you looking to create a comfortable home all year long without breaking the bank with energy bills?

Book in a 60 minute Greenstyle phone or Zoom online chat with one of our expert advisors today.  

We can assess your energy/water bills and also provide tailored advice on improving comfort levels at home including draught-proofing, insulation and heating/cooling options for energy and cost efficiency.

Your chat can include advice on:

  • Energy and water efficiency.
  • Thermal comfort.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Basic solar.
  • Utility bills and potential opportunities for savings (you can send us copies of your bills prior to the chat and we can analyse for you).
  • The best savings opportunities for your home with information on next steps.

We are unable to provide advice on:

  • Architectural designs or assessment of building and DA plans.
  • Which are the best products to purchase.