Better Business Partnership

The Better Business Partnership is a joint initiative by Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby Councils, together with Sydney Water and the NSW Government (via its Environmental Trust).
The Better Business Partnership is a project designed to improve the sustainability of businesses on Sydney’s North Shore. We work with businesses to save money through reduced energy and water bills, to improve their environmental performance and provide promotion and recognition of their actions.  Small to medium-sized businesses can take part and the Better Business Partnership is free to join.

How it works

The Better Business Partnership is a regional project designed to improve the sustainability of businesses in the Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby City Council areas. 

  1. Register your interest over the phone or via this website.
  2. The Project Officer in your area will organise a face to face meeting with you.
  3. The Project Officer will help your business find ways to reduce your energy and water bills and waste.
  4. You can also address community support, sustainable purchasing, sustainable transport and staff support to increase your sustainability credentials.
  5. With your Project Officer you will work through the tailored action plan.
  6. Your business will implement actions that you have agreed to.
  7. Your actions will be verified and you will receive your recognition sticker and relevant badge.

Recognition and award scheme: 

A great benefit, apart from improving your environmental performance, is the Better Business Partnership Recognition scheme.

  1. When your business participates in the Better Business Partnership you will receive a participation sticker to display on your front window or prominent location.
  2. As your business completes the actions set out in your action plan the Project Officer verifies the actions.
  3. You will receive a badge when the actions have been verified for each of the areas of water, waste, energy, sustainable transport, sustainable purchasing, community support and/or staff support.
  4. Those businesses who complete the actions agreed to in their action plans for all three core areas of energy, water and waste plus two additional areas from transport, purchasing, community or staff can then be recommended for sustainability awards.

Join the Better Business Partnership

Take advantage of the great resources this program offers to reduce your environmental impact, reduce your bills and differentiate your business in the local community. It is easy and FREE to sign up.

Find Better Business Partnership businesses in your local area

Support the local businesses in your area that are working to reduce their environmental impact and provide you with more sustainable goods and services. Click here to find participating businesses on an interactive map.