Climate wise communities

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Climate Wise Communities is an award-winning initiative from Ku-ring-gai Council that builds local community strength and preparedness to extreme weather events such as bushfire, storm, drought and heatwave. It promotes shared responsibility for disaster resilience to individuals, households and communities, as well as emergency management agencies and government.

Preparing your home 

Complete the online Climate Wise Communities Ready Check, 5 steps for preparing your home.

Enter your home address and the key features of your neighbourhood and you will be given the tools to create a personalised plan for preparing your home and family for an extreme weather event.

Community Workshops

Book a tailored workshop for your local neighbourhood and increase your local resilience to extreme weather events. Below are key areas to think about:



  • Identify areas of your home most likely to sustain damage from hail, high winds and or torrential rain.
  • Reduce the likelihood of large trees coming down in a storm or limbs falling on your roof, an Arborist can assist with this.
  • Ensure roof gutters, down pipes and drainage channels are well maintained and clear of debris.
  • Resources to help you prepare for storms are found here.


  • Install an independent water supply for your home and garden, e.g. install a water tank
  • Ensure tap fittings have water efficient technology or flow restrictors installed
  • Select garden plants and lawn that are drought tolerant
  • Resources to help you be Water Smart


  • Minimise heat access int your home eg. insulate ceiling, walls, floors, seal gaps and cover windows
  • Have an extreme heat contingency plan that includes keeping young children, the elderly and pets comfortable 
  • Resources to help you prepare for heat waves are found here.

Community Engagement

Understanding bush fire risk

By understanding residents thoughts on climate change and how the impacts may affect their family and home helps Council to better prepare for the risks posed by natural hazards.

Workshop Resources

If you are unable to complete the Climate Wise Communities Ready Check or attend one of our Bushfire Preparedness workshops, the below will assist you in preparing your own neighbourhood plans and activities.


Climate Wise Communities Resource Manual  (pdf. 2MB)

Climate Wise Communities activity instructions - Mapping neighbourhood strengths and vulnerabilities  (pdf. 1MB)

Climate Wise Communities activity instructions - Property mapping  (pdf. 491KB)

Climate Wise Communities activity instructions - "What if ..." contingency planning  (pdf. 150KB)

Climate Wise Communities - Example result of property mapping (pdf. 445KB)  

Climate Wise Communities - Neighbourhood mapping legend  (pdf. 90KB)

Climate Wise Communities - "What if ..." scenario cards set for printing  (pdf. 111KB)

*This resource was funded under the joint State / Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program. The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the view of the NSW Government.