Greenstyle home sustainability and garden advice


Ku-ring-gai residents are invited to request free home visits for advice improving home energy and water efficiency and also for gardening advice.

Home sustainability assessment/advice visit

Are you interested in improving the energy and water efficiency of your home and reducing your utility bills? We can help you take the first steps with a free home visit from one of our Greenstyle home sustainability advisors. This offer is exclusively for Ku-ring-gai residents.
Our advisor will walk through your home with you asking a number of basic questions along the way about your energy and water use to help identify the best opportunities for energy and water saving. Following the visit you will receive a report from the advisor which includes recommended actions, as well as links to further information.

This free service will include

  • A visit at your home which will take 1-1.5 hours
  • Energy efficiency advice
  • Water efficiency advice
  • Thermal comfort advice
  • Waste reduction advice
  • Analysis of utility bills and potential opportunities for savings
  • A follow-up report listing the best savings opportunities for your home with information on how to take the next steps

This service will not include

  • Architectural advice or assessment of building and DA plans
  • Advice on suitability of your home for solar power or what size system you should purchase
  • Advice on which are the best products to purchase
  • Installation of any energy or water efficient products

How to book

Our advisors are available for bookings between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. If you are interested in a Greenstyle home sustainability advice visit, please email or call 9424 0893.

Garden advice visit

  • Our resident green thumb is available to visit your home and offer basic advice, including:
  • Identifying weeds and effective control methods
  • Including more native plants in your garden
  • Creating a garden to attract and support native wildlife
  • Productive gardening
  • Drought-tolerant gardening

How to book

To request a free garden advice visit, please email or call 9424 0893.