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For over 20 years, there has been dedicated volunteers caring for community land in Ku-ring-gai. Over 700 volunteers including individuals, families, community and corporate groups are involved in protecting and preserving their local environment. We welcome all skill levels and lifestyles and no prior experience required. Browse our programs below and see which one works best for you.

All programs are funded by Council's Environmental Levy.

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Our programs


Our Bushcare volunteers meet regularly, usually once a month for 2-3 hours to carry out a range of bushland care. Council provides equipment and on-site support, which includes hands-on training to cover appropriate Work Health & Safety information, weeding techniques, plant ID and site management. The Ku-ring-gai Bushcare Association (KBA) meets every second month to discuss issues that arise.


Parkcare volunteers work on specific native bushland adjoining parkland and foster community stewardship of these areas. The site may have been nominated by a community member or by Council for rehabilitation. Volunteers here assist with minor landscaping works, placement of nesting boxes for wildlife and ongoing weeding and planting as needed.

Council support

Council and volunteers work together to develop a site management plan. One of our qualified trainers works on-site supporting and training the volunteers. Council provides native plants, mulch, specialist training and tools on loan. We can also help recruit volunteers.


Streetcare builds on what is already happening informally as many residents maintain verges near, or adjacent to, their property. Council supports residents with realistic goals to improve their street scape and enhance community spirit in the project.

Council support

Council works with the residents to set a goal then develop an action plan. Streetcare projects are usually short term with most groups achieving their goal within 12 months. Each site is allocated a Council Officer who is present each time the group meets to offer guidance. Council provides native plants, mulch, specialist training and tools on loan.

Nominate a site

Do you live or play near a bushland site that could use reabilitating? Please get in touch and we can meet with you onsite to assess its suitability for one of our programs above. Email bushcare@kmc.nsw.gov.au

Community Gardens

Enjoy growing your own food and socializing with like-minded people at our two community gardens. Both are looking for new members of all ages and backgrounds.

Turramurra Lookout Community Garden

Visit Turramurra on a Saturday morning between 9am-12pm to talk to members and try out the gardening experience. You can volunteer or register to manage your own plot.

West Pymble Community Garden

This garden has just been reinvigorated and they are keen to engage the local community as volunteers at this stage. You can register your interest to manage a number of individual garden plots which are arriving soon.They are hoping to introduce regular working bees soon as well.

Corporate volunteering

Engage your work teams in activities that support the protection and revitalisation of our precious environment while encouraging team-building. Teams don’t need any bush regeneration experience – just a willingness to learn in the outdoors. We can arrange a day to suit your company’s time requirements. Each team of 15 volunteers will be guided by qualified bush regenerators and Bushcare volunteers.

Corporate Day schedule

  • 9am - team welcome, briefing and WH&S session.
  • 9.30am - start activities.
  • 11am - break for morning tea.
  • 11.15am - continue activities.
  • 1pm - lunch break.
  • 1.30pm - continue activities.
  • 2.30pm - pack up and thanks for coming.

What to wear

For personal protection, everyone working in bushland should wear long trousers, long sleeved shirt, sturdy closed toed shoes and hat.

What to bring

  • Gardening gloves, insect repellent eg. Bushmans or tropical strength Rid, sunscreen.
  • Thermos of hot water for tea or coffee, bottle of drinking water.
  • Morning tea and lunch.
  • A camera is a good idea for before and after photos and to let the people back in the office know what you got up to in the bush!
  • Tools will be provided.

Case studies

Normac St Streetcare

This group have been working diligently to improve the biodiversity of their street in Roseville. Active since 2007, they have received Environmental Levy Grants in 2012, 2013 and 2018 to support their projects. From engaging contractors to removing smothering weeds in the tree canopy, completely stopping bushland dumping issues and improving the streetscape with large sandstone boulders. They are supporting natural regeneration of native species and in turn supporting our native wildlife. Thanks to Carol Glasson, Bob Failes and the team.


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