Greenstyle home sustainability and garden advice


Exclusive and free to Ku-ring-gai residents, take the first step to improving the energy and water efficiency of your home and reducing your utility bills. Book a free home sustainability assessment with one of our Greenstyle Advisors today.

Home sustainability advice

A Greenstyle Home Assessment begins with an analysis of your energy and water bills. A walk-through of your home with our Greenstyle Advisor will help identify more opportunities for savings. You will also have the opportunity to share any queries or concerns. A visit to your home will take 1.5 - 2 hours.

Following the visit you will receive a report from the Advisor which includes recommended actions around your home, as well as links to further information.

The visit includes

  • Energy efficiency advice.
  • Water efficiency advice.
  • Thermal comfort advice.
  • Waste reduction advice.
  • Basic solar advice.
  • Analysis of utility bills and potential opportunities for savings.
  • A follow-up report listing the best savings opportunities for your home with information on next steps.

The visit does not include

  • Architectural advice or assessment of building and DA plans.
  • Advice on suitability of your home for solar power or systems for purchase.
  • Advice on which are the best products to purchase.
  • Installation of energy or water efficient products.

Garden advice

You can also book a visit from our resident green thumb to offer basic advice for your home garden:

  • Identifying weeds and effective control methods.
  • How to include more native plants in your garden.
  • How to attract and support native wildlife.
  • Productive gardening.
  • Drought-tolerant gardening.

How to book a visit

Our Advisors are available for bookings between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. 

Please use one of the following links to book a Greenstyle Home Assessment or Garden Advice Visit.

You can also call 9424 0893 for assistance.


Note: If you are making a request for a Greenstyle Home Assessment, please have scanned copies of your water / gas bills (if applicable) for the last 12 months and the latest electricity bill in .jpeg or .pdf format ready to be attached along with your request.

We will seek your authorisation to make a request for your interval data from Ausgrid on your behalf. This information helps you get a more useful detailed assessment of energy use (eg. seasonal, time of use, etc).