Permeable surfaces

Permeable pavements are built with materials that let water pass through. Replacing traditional impermeable surfaces (such as concrete or asphalt driveways) with permeable pavement allows rainwater to naturally soak into ground and reduces storm water run-off. This helps to reduce pollution, erosion and flooding in local streams and waterways. It also has the bonus effect of reducing urban heat island effect around the house. Permeable pavement can be installed on driveways, walkways, patios and around swimming pools.

Rebates for installing permeable surfaces

Ku-ring-gai residents can claim a rebate of up to $1000 towards the cost of replacing an impervious surface with a permeable one. Conditions apply.

Learn about rebates for permeable surfaces. 

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More information on permeable surfaces

Ku-ring-gai Council DCP: Part 24 –Water Management

Melbourne Water: Information on porous paving