Sustainable homes guide

If you’re considering retrofitting, renovating or rebuilding your house, why not turn it into a ‘smart home’? That is, a home which is more economical to run, comfortable to live in and gentler on our environment.

The great news is creating a smarter and more sustainable home doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are a range of things you can do, including simple cost-effective actions, which can have long-term benefits for you and your family. You can tailor all sustainable design principles to suit your budget and priorities.


sustainable home

Building a sustainable home

This is the main page of the sustainable homes resource that gives some background of sustainable homes and summarises the resources available
chart showing regulations

Your home and planning regulations / climatic influences

Explains briefly how planning regulations and climate influence the building requirements of your home

Elements of a sustainable home

Information on the design elements of a sustainable home.

Elements of a sustainable building envelope

Information on the sustainable elements of a building envelope
dining room

Elements of a sustainable kitchen / dining area

Information on building or renovating your kitchen / dining area sustainably

Elements of a sustainable bathroom / toilet / laundry

Information on building or renovating your bathroom / toilet / laundry area sustainably
living room

Elements of a sustainable living room

Information on building or renovating your living room area sustainably

Elements of a sustainable backyard

Information on adding sustainable elements to your backyard
sustainability assessment of homes pilot program

Rebates for home sustainability assessments

For new builds and major renovations that would help you identify sustainable features you can incorporate to save money and increase the comfort and amenity value of your home.
smart home

Case studies - share your story

Read about Ku-ring-gai residents making their homes and local areas more environmentally friendly.
house and trees

Building or retrofitting for bushfire resilience

In bushfire prone areas all new developments have a legal requirement to consider bushfire protection measures. Consider sustainable design elements too when you build or retrofit.
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Sustainability training for trades and professions

Rebate opportunity for tradespeople and professionals who live or provide service in the Ku-ring-gai LGA.