Bushcare – Carol & Bob, Roseville


A small group of Roseville residents get together each month to regenerate a beautiful part of the bush overlooking Middle Harbour near Echo Point.

Tell us about the Bushcare group

Carol: There’s a handful of regulars and we meet for a few hours once a month. Council provides equipment and plants that are local to the area and grown at the Council nursery. It’s a good idea to do the free Bushcare course too. It’s run two to three times per year.

What was the site like when you first got involved?

Bob: This part of the bush was a real mess when I first got involved about 20 years ago. It was covered in weeds all the way down to the water.

We’ve planted bracken ferns and other local natives. The places that were bare dirt and rocks we’ve greened up with appropriate plants and you can sit here and see to the water. It’s a lovely spot.

Is it hard work?

Carol: It’s good exercise. I’d rather be out here than in a gym. It’s good to be active. We’ve had a few Council grants over the years so when the work is too hard for us we try to get that in for the difficult, heavy jobs and that’s made a huge difference.

What made you get involved?

Bob: My interest started from bushwalking. I walked a lot and decided I needed to find out more about the plants I was seeing. I started to learn about the bush.

I enjoy it but it’s also a social activity. It creates more contacts in the community, more involvement with your neighbours. It’s a talking point.

Carol: I just started fiddling around in the bush trying to make it look nicer. Just working on my own, cleaning it up and mulching but I made quite a few mistakes and the weeds came back. Then I met up with the Bushcare group and Bob who were just up the road. Eventually I went off to a Bushcare course and changed my ways!

I think there is an immense amount of personal satisfaction in seeing the end result of your work. Particularly when you’ve worked in a specific and contained area. You can see the change and you get positive feedback.

Biggest challenge

Bob:  There is always more you could do. It takes a lot of self-motivated individuals to commit to doing it regularly.

Carol: I had to learn how to do things properly, like use poison correctly. Each type of weed has to be poisoned a different way and that’s important to know.

What do the neighbours think?

Carol: People really enjoy it. The kids up the road come here and climb around. And it’s not just people who live here. People sometimes just drive here to enjoy the view.

Bob: There’s the other ‘neighbours’ too – I saw an echidna the other day. The wallabies are always around here and the brush turkeys. And plenty of birds too - powerful owls, rosella groups, king parrots. It’s just full of life.