Raingardens and swales

A raingarden is a garden that has been designed to receive and filter rain run-off from roofs or hard surfaces, such as driveways or paving. 

These self-watering gardens help protect our environment as they reduce storm water pollution. They are also a great garden feature which helps to retain precious rainwater on your property for longer.

Swales perform a similar function to raingardens but they generally are a wide and shallow garden, sloping to a destination and with a path that maximises the time water spends in the swale.

There are some basic design specifications you need to know to create an effective raingarden or swale at home. Check out the resources below for some great advice.

Rebates for installing raingardens

You can apply for a rebate of up to $1000 towards the cost of installing a raingarden on your property. Conditions apply.

Learn about rebates for raingardens. 

Read more about the principles of water sensitive urban design and what Council is doing.

More information on raingardens

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