Eruv at St Ives

Council received an application in 2016 under the Roads Act to install an eruv in an area of St Ives.

An eruv consists of conduits positioned several metres in the air between electricity poles on public land. It enables observant members of the Jewish community to conduct activities on the Sabbath within the eruv which they would otherwise not be able to do eg. push a stroller, carry shopping, visit friends and family.

On 8 November 2016 the Council considered the application and the results of community consultation and approved the eruv application.

To view the area that will be covered by the eruv, click here Properties Adjoining ERUV Boundary - Notification Map (pdf. 909KB)

Click here to view the Council report on the application from 8 November.

Click here to view the list of approved Roads Act List of Plastic Conduits on Ausgrid Poles (pdf. 90KB).



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