Council takes legal action on forced merger proposal

Ku-ring-gai Council has commenced proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court over the state government’s refusal to release the full KPMG report on council mergers.

The KPMG report was commissioned by the state government last year as a means of reinforcing its argument for forced council mergers across NSW. However, the full report has never been made publicly available, despite several requests by councils under freedom of information legislation.

Along with other councils, Ku-ring-gai Council had sought the release of the full KPMG report. However Ku-ring-gai’s request has been twice refused by the government.

The Council is now seeking orders in the Supreme Court to force the government to release the report in full. Proceedings in the court began on 5 April and are continuing.

The legal action was the subject of a report to Council in March which was subsequently approved by a majority of Councillors.

At this stage the costs associated with this action will be covered by the Council’s existing legal budget. Further costs will be reported to Council.

View the summarised KPMG report here (pdf. 204KB)