Former Gordon Bowling Club Site FAQs

Has Council rezoned and reclassified this site?

No. On 8 May 2018 Council resolved to start the process to rezone the site, through the preparation of a Planning Proposal. A Planning Proposal sets out the justification for making changes to the Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2015 (LEP). The LEP is the overarching planning guideline for the Ku-ring-gai area.

View the Council Report and Resolution – 8 May 2018

What is reclassification?

Under the Local Government Act, all public land must be classified as either ‘Community’ land or ‘Operational’ land.

Community’ land is land Council makes available for use by the public, for example parks, reserves and sports grounds. ‘Community’ land cannot be sold, exchanged or otherwise disposed of by Council.

Operational’ land is land which facilitates the functions of Council, and may not be open to the general public, for example, a works depot. An ‘Operational’ classification permits Council to sell, exchange or grant an interest to another party in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act.

Reclassification of public land occurs when its classification is changed from ‘Community’ to ‘Operational’.

What is the site currently zoned and classified?

The site is currently zoned RE1 Public Recreation under the Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2015 and currently classified as ‘Community’ land.

What changes are proposed as part of the Planning Proposal?

On 8 May 2018 Council resolved to prepare a Planning Proposal to:

  • Rezone part of the site (Lot Y DP387680) to R3 Medium Density Residential

  • Reclassify part of the site (Lot Y DP387680) to ‘Operational’ land

Part of the site (Lot X DP387680) is to remain RE1 Public Recreation and ‘Community’ land.

Has Council resolved to sell the site?

No. The Council has not made any decision to sell the site. Such a decision would require a separate Council resolution and would be undertaken in accordance with Council's Acquisition and Divestment of Land Policy 2014.

Why has Council resolved to prepare a Planning Proposal for the site?

The site was occupied by the former Gordon Bowling Club, which leased the site from Council. In 2017 the Gordon Bowling Club advised Council that they wished to terminate the lease and vacate the site in early 2018. They key reason for the club terminating the lease was a significant decline in membership.

The site’s use under the current zoning does not offer the highest or best use of the site. Changing the zoning and reclassifying portions of the site would increase the capacity for different uses of the land

What is the process involved?

gordon bowling timeline.jpg

Can my property be included in the Planning Proposal?

At this time, Council has only resolved to prepare the planning proposal for portions of 4 Pennant Avenue, Gordon.

The North District Plan by the Greater Sydney Commission requires the Council to undertake a Housing Strategy to identify where and what form the additional housing will be provided in Ku-ring-gai. It is expected that the preparation of the Housing Strategy will commence next year.

When can I have my say?

The public exhibition is the opportunity for the community to make a formal submission to Council on the Planning Proposal.

Surrounding residents will be notified in writing when the matter is placed on public exhibition, which is expected to occur later this year.

As the Planning Proposal also includes the reclassification of the site from ‘Community’ to ‘Operational’ land, a Public Hearing is required to be held. The Public Hearing will be chaired by an Independent Chairperson and the community are able to address the Chairperson at the Public Hearing.


If you have a question that is not answered here please contact the Urban Planning Team on 9424 0000.