Ku-ring-gai Housing Strategy to 2036

Ku-ring-gai's Housing Future - livable for life

The NSW Government requires all Councils to deliver additional housing to accommodate the expected growth of Greater Sydney over the next 20 years.

Ku-ring-gai’s population is changing. Over the next 20 years our population is projected to increase by over 25,000 people, which represents relatively modest growth compared to many parts of Greater Sydney. The profile of our local residents is also expected to change with an increasingly ageing population, smaller family groups, proportionally fewer young adults and more single people.  

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What is the Housing Strategy?

Background information about the Housing Strategy.
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Timeline and progress of the Housing Strategy

Information on expected time frames for the Housing Strategy.
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Why do we need a Housing Strategy?

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Why is the Housing Strategy important?

Information on why it is important for Council to have a Housing Strategy.
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Frequently asked questions about the Housing Strategy

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