What is the Housing Strategy?

The public exhibition for the draft Ku-ring-gai Housing Strategy closed on 8 May 2020. Submissions are now being considered.

The NSW Government requires all Councils to deliver additional housing to accommodate the expected growth of Greater Sydney over the next 20 years.

Ku-ring-gai’s population is changing. Over the next 20 years our population is projected to increase by over 25,000 people, which represents relatively modest growth compared to many parts of Greater Sydney. The profile of our local residents is also expected to change with an increasingly ageing population, smaller family groups, proportionally fewer young adults and more single people. 

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Council is developing a strategy to consider how we will provide the additional dwellings many of which will cater to changing needs of our current residents to the year 2036. Our residents know that Ku-ring-gai is a great place to live and many choose to stay here across their life span. We want children growing up in the area to have the choice to stay, and we want people to have housing that meets their needs as they age or as their circumstances change. We want to hear from all sectors of our community on what matters to them, including people from all age groups, household types and culturally and linguistically diverse groups. 

To shape the development of Ku-ring-gai’s housing future, Council needs to understand the type and amount of housing required to meet the needs of our residents now and over the next 20 years. 

We also need to understand how we can deliver the additional dwellings while protecting and enhancing our much-loved local character. This will be done through an evidence-based assessment of demographic patterns, housing trends, and the capacity of areas to accommodate new dwellings - including identifying areas unsuitable for additional housing. This investigation, and feedback from the community, will inform our housing strategy to 2036.

We want to hear from the community about the type of housing you want and need over the next 20 years. Council will also be speaking with key community groups and NSW Government agencies about how future housing in Ku-ring-gai can accommodate new residents and give our current community the choice to stay in Ku-ring-gai over their lifetime. The public exhibition for the draft Ku-ring-gai Housing Strategy closed on 8 May 2020.  Submissions are now being considered.

All the feedback and information we receive will be used to ensure the housing strategy responds to the changing needs of our community.


If you have any further questions please contact Urban Planning on 9424 0000 or kmc@kmc.nsw.gov.au.