Why is the Housing Strategy important?

The public exhibition for the draft Ku-ring-gai Housing Strategy closed on 8 May 2020. Submissions are now being considered.

Ku-ring-gai is growing and changing. Preparing a Housing Strategy will help us direct and manage that change. 

The Housing Strategy will:

  • Enable Council to proactively manage the projected increase in local population and ensure the provision of suitable housing numbers and types at appropriate locations.
  • Set out a framework to accommodate new homes in a considered manner while protecting the valued local character and amenity of the area.
  • Reduce the risk of development intensification in areas of natural and heritage character, and areas with limited transport and with bushfire risks.
  • Provide clarity on how Ku-ring-gai will grow over the next 20 years, at the rates expected by State level directions.

The NSW Government has set housing targets for all Districts across Greater Sydney to accommodate future population growth. Ku-ring-gai is part of the North District. The North District has been allocated modest housing targets compared to many parts of Sydney. Ku-ring-gai Council’s role is to ensure that future housing meets the needs of our current and future residents, maximising the quality of change and community benefits in a way that supports the valued local character.

How is Ku-ring-gai changing?

We are getting older 

By 2036, those aged 65 years and over in Ku-ring-gai will increase by almost 40% compared to 2016. You’ve previously told us that when it comes to the needs of our older residents, maintaining wellbeing, social connections and independence are key considerations so that people can stay healthy for longer and support themselves in their own home. We want to know people’s housing needs and desires to make this possible.

We are losing our younger people

Based on current projections, the proportion of the population in the 25 – 39 age group will continue to decline to 2036. Keeping those of working and family age in Ku-ring-gai will ensure we retain a diversity of age groups in the area. This is key to contributing to our area’s vibrancy and stability. We want to know why residents from these age groups are leaving Ku-ring-gai.

Our household structures are changing 

Projections from the NSW Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment indicate that the number of people living alone in Ku-ring-gai will increase over the next 20 years, and that the average household size will become smaller as family structures change. We would like to hear what the housing needs are for smaller and lone person households.

In addition to an increasing local population over the next 20 years, there are some unique local trends that will influence the housing we need in the future:

Housing Strategy Infographic .jpg

Demographics line chart


If you have any further questions please contact Urban Planning on 9424 0000 or kmc@kmc.nsw.gov.au.