Lindfield Village Hub FAQs - February 2019

Why is Lindfield Library closing?

Council reviewed the use and facilities of the current Lindfield Library and the Lindfield Seniors Centre in the Lindfield Community Facilities Study. The study found:

  • older facilities in average condition with significant repairs required
  • sites close to the Lindfield local centre and train station but difficult to access by car
  • limited additional capacity

Both the Library and Seniors Centre have limited opportunities for refurbishment and the library in particular has limited opportunity to expand services in digital technologies. Currently, the library only has two computers for patrons. In addition, the opportunities for events and community gatherings are limited by the library footprint.
The study recommends replacing the existing library and seniors centre with new multi-use facilities located in the Lindfield Village Hub. This proposal was adopted by Council on 10 December 2013.
Council will continue to provide library services in Lindfield from another location if the current library is closed before the new facility is ready. 

How will people access library services once the library is closed?

Council is committed to ensuring the transition to the new Lindfield Library is as seamless as possible.  Lindfield Library will continue to operate in its current site or at an alternative Lindfield location until the new library at the Lindfield Community Hub is ready. Lindfield also has a mobile library service which will continue.

What has happened recently on the Lindfield Village Hub proposal?

The Council is working through the process to procure a development partner and the site planning process.  Council has received an enthusiastic response from the development market with 18 expressions of interest. Council has created a new Major Projects Unit with expertise in large developments to focus on the delivery of the project. The proposed construction start is 2021. 

What are Council's plans for open space and community land in Lindfield?

Council is currently planning two large civic spaces in Lindfield- Lindfield Village Green and Lindfield Village Hub. Lindfield Green, which will start construction in mid-2019, is a new area of parkland on Tryon Road with an area of 2,700sqm. Lindfield Village Hub  - currently in the planning phase, will include a large park/plaza area off Woodford Lane and Bent street of approximately 3,900sqm in area.
These parkland areas are planned to meet the needs of a growing population as part of Council’s innovative Open Space Acquisition Program Insert link to web page. Under this program, parks will be open and visible, centrally located, with high quality design and a range of facilities to cater for different users. The proposed Lindfield Community Hub and Lindfield Village Green will significantly increase community facilities and public open space within Lindfield local centre.

What activities are planned for youth in the new hub?

Council is aware that facilities for young people are limited in the Ku-ring-gai area. The Hub is an opportunity to build youth activities into the community facilities on the site. These may include an extension of current youth services activities already provided by Council and new services such as digital learning, music facilities, youth-centric activities and a start-up or creative arts space. New services will be based on Council policies in creative arts and under the Community Strategic Plan. Council will seek feedback on current youth services and engage with youth groups once the Hub master plan is developed. It is important youth groups are involved in the development and planning of future community services.

How will people with disabilities be included in the Hub development?

Statistics show that around 20% of the total population in Australia have a disability (ABS, 2003).  The Hub development will be built to Australian standards to ensure it is accessible an inclusive.
There are a number of standards which specify the design requirements for new building work, as required by the National Construction Code (NCC) and the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards (Premises Standards), to provide access for people with disabilities. Particular attention is given to:

  • Continuous accessible paths of travel and circulation spaces for people who use wheelchairs
  • Access and facilities for people with ambulatory disabilities
  • Access for people with sensory disabilities

The Lindfield Village Hub will be an inclusive space for everyone.

What’s the status of the Lindfield Village Hub Community Reference Committee?

This committee was established by a Council decision in mid 2018, with the aim of providing a communications link between the community and Council regarding the project. The committee met three times and was discontinued in February 2019 following a further vote by Council.

View Council decision for more information

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