Lindfield Village Hub Council resolution 20 August

Resolved Tuesday 20 August 

A. That Council endorse preparation and lodgement of a Planning Proposal, in accordance with Section 3.33 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, seeking to amend the Ku-ring-gai LEP (Local Centres) 2012 as it applies to the Lindfield Village Hub site as follows:

i.  With a height control of no higher than the highest building in Lindfield being 23 – 41 Lindfield Avenue (known as the Aqualand building) which equates to no more than a 9 storey building on the Lindfield Village Hub site, including a provision at Clause 4.3  to allow  for roof top plant, lift overruns  and rooftop communal open space (and associated structures)  to be located above the proposed maximum  height limits, where appropriate.

ii.    Amend the current additional permissible use provision at Clause 29 in Schedule 1 to allow development for the purpose of attached dwellings on the site, at the corner of Bent Street and Drovers Way, Lindfield.

 B. That Council note the proposed amendment of Part 14E of the KDCP (LC) 2012 to reflect the Planning Proposal and the associated Urban Design Report and that this will remove reference to the current Lindfield Village Hub Masterplan.

C. That Council note the requirement to retain Lot 3 of DP1226294 as part of the project site area. 

D. That Council note that the minimum areas (m2) to be provided for the following project components are as follows:

5. local park                            3,000m2

6. plaza                                    900m2

7. library                                 1,250m2

8. community facility             1,200m2

E. That a funding strategy be developed to offset the anticipated reduction in revenue due to the reduction in proposed building heights.

F. That Council authorise the General Manager to finalise the Planning Proposal on its behalf as landowner, in accordance with recommendations A-E, and to submit the Planning Proposal to the relevant Planning Authority (Council).

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