Reclassification of Council-owned land

The reclassification of Council-owned land is a legal requirement to change the status of how public land is used.

Under the Local Government Act, public land can be classified in several ways, with the majority being either ‘community’ or ‘operational’.

  • Community land is generally open to the public, for example parks, reserves or sportsgrounds.
  • Operational land is public land used for other purposes such as work depots, car parks or investment properties held by Council.

The reasons for changing public land from community to operational vary, but are mainly in order to provide flexibility in the management or future use of the land including commercial leasing or potential future sale.

The reclassification process is a transparent process which comprises of a public exhibition on the  proposal, followed by an opportunity for the community to have their say, and attend a public hearing to address the independent chair.

Council’s current reclassification projects

Council is currently seeking to change the status of a number of sites across the LGA from community to operational through the reclassification process.

As a result some of these sites may be sold, and some have been earmarked to fund asset purchases.

The reclassification funding strategy was devised to ensure there is no additional financial pressure on the community in the form of increased rates or levies.

How have the sites been identified?

The sites that have been identified under the reclassification process are for a range of reasons. They may be strategic lands held by Council for inclusion into future master planning for revitalising our local centres examples are in Lindfield and Gordon or smaller parcels of land no longer required and left over from old sub-divisions or abandoned roads projects. There are also sites that are highly valuable and not achieving their highest and best use, and there is an opportunity to provide a wider range of uses for the community.

In each of these cases the land concerned needs to be reclassified with community input before any changes can take place.