Recreation in Natural Areas Strategy

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Council is reviewing its Recreation in Natural Areas Strategy to help us manage the way people use our natural areas for recreation. This includes activities such as walking, trail running, rock climbing, abseiling, bouldering, mountain biking, orienteering and trekking.

The Strategy aims to support a diverse and accessible range of recreation opportunities within our natural areas, in a way that protects and enhances our local environment.

When looking at recreation opportunities, Ku-ring-gai has an obligation to consider the environmental and social impacts and ensure these impacts are clearly identified and mitigated.

What’s happened so far?

The development of this Strategy has involved extensive community consultation over a number of stages.

Stage 1: User-based consultation

Input was sought through an online survey and four consultation workshops. This was primarily with individuals and group representatives who undertake recreation activities in our natural areas. The workshops focused on:

  • Mountain biking (all disciplines)
  • Orienteering and rogaining
  • Rock climbing, abseiling and bouldering
  • Track dependent recreation

Stage 2: Consultation with environment groups

Input was then sought through an online survey and consultation workshop with individuals and representatives of environment or community groups with a specific interest in the Strategy from an environmental perspective.

Through the workshop, Council sought specific input on strategies to proactively manage the potential impacts of recreation in natural areas and to balance the need for environmental protection with the demand for recreation.

Stage 3: Consultation forum

All those who participated in the consultation workshops were invited to a consultation forum where the ideas expressed through the workshops and how Council has integrated them into the strategy were presented and further feedback was sort.

What's happening next?

Stage 4: Public exhibition

The Strategy will then be placed on public exhibition in October 2019, prior to its adoption by Council - offering another chance for the community to provide feedback.

More information

If you would like to learn more please contact Jacob Sife, Natural Areas Program Leader, on 9424 0819 or at