Sports Facilities Plan of Management Review

Council is undertaking a review of its Sports Facilities Plan of Management (SFPOM). The review is happening to ensure that Council maintain and improve sports facilities to address the existing and changing demographics and demands of our community.

The new plan will include land used or proposed to be used primarily for active recreation involving organised sports or the playing of outdoor games. This Generic Plan of Management covers most sporting facilities in Ku-ring-gai but not all (see below for site information). 

View current Sports Facilities Plan of Management here

Project progress

The first stage of community consultation regarding the Sports Facilities Plan of Management (SFPOM) review occurred in October and November 2019. This involved online surveys and workshops with sporting groups and organisations. Feedback from this process is currently being analysed and the project will now proceed as follows:

  • Finalisation of draft SFPOM
  • Reporting draft SFPOM to Council for approval to publically exhibit
  • Public Exhibition of draft SFPOM (subject to Council approval)
  • Adjustments to draft SFPOM based on feedback received through public exhibition process
  • Reporting final draft SFPOM to Council
  • Adopting new SFPOM

It is anticipated that the SFPOM should be finalised by mid 2020 (subject to Council approvals).


In July 2018, the NSW Government made changes to the way local councils administer Crown land. Crown land is land owned by the government, but used by councils for a variety of purposes such as recreation and sport.

Under the changes to the Crown Land Management Act, NSW councils are now responsible for:

  • Assessing native title claims on Crown land
  • Managing Crown land under the Local Government Act 1993. Councils will now manage their dedicated or reserved land as if it were public land under the Local Government Act 1993. This provides Council with more input into managing Crown land in the area. 
  • Developing  plans of management under the LG Act to now include Crown reserves classified as community land, by July 2021. 

The changes mean that the Council is now auditing Crown land that it administers and reviewing Plans of Management for Crown land in Ku-ring-gai. Plans of Management are required for each parcel of Crown land to enable its use for a variety of purposes.

The SFPOM is the first plan to be reviewed.

Purpose of the review

The SFPOM review aims to achieve the following:

  • Improve the amenity of sportsgrounds in Ku-ring-gai
  • Establish guidelines for the future management and maintenance of these facilities
  • Incorporate up-to-date feedback from the community into the new Sports Facilities Plan of Management
  • Help meet the goals of Ku-ring-gai’s Community Strategic Plan 2038 
  •  Meet Council’s legal obligations for public land management
  • Enable Council to renegotiate or enter into contracts, leases, licences and hire agreements for sports facilities
  • Minimise the impacts from sports activities on residents and the environment
  • Maximise recreational opportunities provided by the sports facilities network in Ku-ring-gai
  • Improve the appearance and maintenance of sports facilities
  • Provide a framework for the sustainable management of sports facilities

What will be included

The intention of the new Sports Facilities Plan of Management is to incorporate some plans of management into one document. For example, the North Turramurra Recreation Area and St Ives Village Green Plans of Management will form part of the new Sports Facilities Plan of Management.

Parcels of Crown land currently covered under the Sports Facilities Plan of Management 


  • Acron Oval
  • Allan Small Park
  • Auluba 1, 2, 3 Sportsground
  • Bannockburn Road Oval
  • Barra Brui Sportsground
  • Bert Oldfield Oval
  • Browns Field Sportsground
  • Bryce Avenue Sportsground
  • Carrington Road Sportsground
  • Cliff Avenue Sportsground 1,  2
  • Comenarra Sportsground
  • East Gordon/Darnley Sportsground
  • Edenborough Sportsground
  • Fiddens Wharf Road Sportsground
  • Friar's Field
  • George Christie Sportsground
  • Golden Jubilee Sportsground
  • Hassell Park Sportsground
  • Howson Avenue Sportsground
  • Karuah Road Sportsground
  • Kent Road Sportsground
  • Koola Park Sportsgrounds
  • Lindfield Soldiers Memorial Park Ovals
  • Lofberg Sportsground
  • Loyal Henry Sportsground
  • Norman Griffiths Sportsground
  • Primula Sportsground
  • Queen Elizabeth Sportsground
  • Regimental Park Sportsground
  • Mimosa Road Sportsground
  • Roseville Chase Oval
  • Roseville Park Oval
  • Samuel King Sportsground
  • Sandakan Sportsground
  • The Glade Sportsground
  • Toolang Road Sportsground
  • Turramurra Park Oval
  • Warrimoo Avenue Sportsground
  • Wellington Road Sportsground
  • Westbrook Avenue Sportsground 


Tennis and netball courts

  • Allan Small tennis courts
  • Gordon Recreation tennis courts
  • Hamilton Park tennis courts
  • Kendall Street tennis courts
  • Kent Road tennis courts
  • Killara Park tennis courts
  • Lindfield Community Centre tennis courts
  • Lindfield Soldiers Memorial tennis courts
  • Lofberg netball courts
  • Morona Avenue tennis courts
  • Pymble Park tennis courts
  • Queen Elizabeth Reserve tennis courts
  • Regimental Park tennis courts
  • Richmond Park tennis courts
  • Roseville Park tennis courts
  • The Glade tennis courts
  • Turramurra Park tennis courts
  • Warrimoo Avenue tennis courts
  • West Roseville tennis courts

Half/full size basketball courts

  • Hamilton Park
  • Allan Small Park
  • Westbrook Oval
  • The Glade, Koora Ave
  • Queen Elizabeth Reserve
  • Sir David Martin Reserve
  • Roseville Park

Bowling and other precincts

  • East Roseville Bowling Club
  • Gordon Bowling Club
  • Killara Croquet Club
  • St Ives Bowling and Recreation Club
  • West Lindfield Sport and Recreation Club
  • West Pymble Bowling Club
  • Surgeon White Reserve

Dog off-leash areas

  • Acron Oval
  • Barra Brui Oval
  • Bert Oldfield Oval
  • Edenborough Road Sportsground
  • Golden Jubilee Oval
  • Lindfield Soldiers Memorial Park Oval 2
  • Queen Elizabeth Reserve
  • St Ives Showground (main arena)
  • Warrimoo Oval
  • Westbrook (Claude Cameron Grove)

Parcels of Crown land NOT currently covered under the Sports Facilities Plan of Management 

The following sites are currently covered by separate Plans of Management.

  • St Ives Showground
  • North Turramurra Recreation Area
  • Canoon Road sporting complex
  • School Oval/Council partnerships
  • St Ives Village Green Sportsground
  • William Cowan Sportsground
  • Canoon Road tennis courts
  • St Ives Village Green tennis courts

Dog off-leash areas not currently included in the Sports Facilities Plan of Management 

  • Bicentennial Park (Yanko Road)
  • Roseville Park
  • Hyndes Park
  • Karuah Park
  • Kent Road Reserve
  • Kissing Point Village Green
  • Leuna Avenue Reserve
  • Mitchell Crescent Reserve
  • Sandakan Memorial Reserve
  • Karuah Park
  • Yarralumla Avenue Public Reserve


If you have any questions contact Community and Business Engagement Coordinator on 9424 0757 or