Activate Ku-ring-gai

Activate Ku-ring-gai is a staged program of urban renewal spear-headed by council across the local centres of Ku-ring-gai. The Program will lead to the implementation of ‘on-the-ground’ projects that will make a real difference to the quality, safety and amenity of these areas.

The Program is consistent with the Greater Sydney Commission’s North District Plan which seeks to sustain and support local centres to provide jobs, services and amenity.

Ku-ring-gai has four Primary Local Centres, namely Turramurra, St Ives, Gordon and Lindfield.

These centres play a vital role in our local economy; they provide a diverse mix of office, leisure and retail uses, support services and community facilities; in addition they are a focus for transport connections. Higher density residential development adjacent to the centres has strengthened their role over recent years. In Lindfield, a new mixed use development on Lindfield Avenue has introduced a contemporary retail environment to the area.

Revitalisation of the local centres was identified by residents a key issue during preparation of the Community Strategic Plan - Our Ku-ring-gai 2038 (pdf. 5MB).

A long-term objective in the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) is to ensure “Our centres offer a broad range of shops and services and contain lively urban village spaces and places where people can live, work, shop, meet and spend leisure time”.

All NSW councils are required to progress the achievement of their Community Strategic Plans through a Delivery Program, based around the term of a council. The Delivery Program outlines what Council intends to do during its term of office. Council’s statements of term achievements in the Delivery Program link directly back to the long-term objectives contained in the Community Strategic Plan ‘Our Ku-ring-gai 2038’.

In conjunction with the Delivery Program, Council is also required to prepare a one year Operational Plan. This plan details the projects, programs and services that will be undertaken for the 2019-2020year. Council’s Delivery Program 2018-2021 and Operational Plan 2019-2020 sets term achievements and tasks related to revitalisation of the local centres, key amongst these are:

  • Commencing construction of Lindfield Village Green;
  • Securing a development partner for Lindfield Village Hub and the Turramurra Community Hub;
  • Design and planning for new parks and streetscape improvements in the centres of Gordon, Lindfield and Turramurra;
  • Continuing to plan for, and deliver, new parks; and
  • Preparing a Strategy to guide the delivery of libraries, community centres and cultural facilities across the LGA.

A core component of this work involves actively engaging with residents, key agencies, landholders, businesses and other stakeholders.

Currently there are numerous projects in the program that have been delivered, or in the planning stage, across the four centres.

Activate Lindfield

Activate Lindfield is currently focused on three major projects that will deliver new parks and civic spaces, and a new library and community centre set within a contemporary mixed use setting. The current projects are:

  • Lindfield Village Hub will be located on the western edge of the local centre, the Hub will be a mix of green open space and community buildings including a library and community centre, coupled with new housing, dining and retail outlets;
  • Lindfield Village Green will transform the existing Council-owned car park on Tryon Road into a new public space. Construction began on this project in early 2020; and
  • Lindfield Village Living is a Council owned site situated between the Pacific Highway and the railway line making it ideal for high density residential housing.

Activate Turramurra

Activate Turramurra comprises a diverse range of projects some of which have already been delivered:

  • Cameron Park extension is a new park that was completed in early 2017;
  • Boyds Orchard Park is a new park with construction due to commence in 2019; and
  • Turramurra Community Hub is a major project that will deliver new open space, a town square, a new library and community centre set amongst contemporary retail environments.

Future projects are likely to include streetscape improvements to Rohini Street and the Pacific Highway.

Activate Gordon

Activate Gordon currently comprises completed work and work in progress:

  • Gordon Civic Hub Master Plan will consider options for a new civic and cultural hub consisting of a multi-purpose community centre, an art and cultural centre, new Council administrative offices, a new park and public car park;
  • Annie Forsyth Wyatt Garden is located adjacent to the Gordon Bus Interchange on Henry Street. Council completed an upgrade of the existing reserve in late 2018;

  • Gordon Recreation Ground is being upgraded. Stage 1 of the works is complete ant the new playground provides an inclusive space with a wider variety of play opportunities sited within a fenced area. Stage 2 will be the refurbishment of the heritage listed tennis pavilion / amenities block to provide accessible toilet facilities and a revitalised internal layout. Stage 3 will be the remaining landscaping works for the site including new lighting, picnic shelters, accessible pathways and garden beds. Stage 3 works will begin in November / December 2020.

  • St Johns Avenue Improvements - In April 2019, Council carried out a community engagement program for the design of St Johns Avenue, Gordon (between Gordon station and the Pacific Highway), including Henry Street and Heritage Square. The proposal is to activate the street as an outdoor dining destination with trees, wider footpaths, seating and better lighting. Construction is anticipated to begin early 2021.

  • Wade Lane - In early 2020, the State Government of NSW designated Wade Lane, Gordon a High Pedestrian Activity Area. Council has worked with Transport for NSW to prepare designs for safety improvements and streetscape upgrades to Wade Lane. Council, with funding assistance from the State Government, will commence the construction of the improvement works in early 2021.

  • Werona Avenue - In early 2020, the State Government of NSW designated Werona Avenue, Gordon a High Pedestrian Activity Area. Council has worked with Transport for NSW to prepare designs for safety improvements and streetscape upgrades to Werona Avenue. A concept plan has been for Werona Avenue Streetscape Improvements, with funding assistance from the State Government, Council will begin to implement the first of the traffic calming measures in early 2021. The remaining improvements will be rolled-out as funding becomes available; and

  • New bins and mall seats have been installed along the streets within the centre by Council as part of the Litter Free Ku-ring-gai Program.

Activate St Ives

Activate St Ives involves the revitalisation and beautification of the St Ives local centre. Current and completed projects include:

  • Putarri Reserve is an existing park close to recent high density development that is currently being upgraded and will open to the public in the near future;
  • Lapwing Reserve is a new park in Carcoola Road that was opened to the public in 2016;
  • St Ives Village Green (pdf. 3MB) - Staged works have commenced on the upgrade of this park in accordance with Council’s master plan. The first stage involves the relocation of a pedestrian crossing in Village Green Parade to provide safer long term access between the park and accessible parking.  Construction of the new inclusive playground and skate facility is anticipated to commence in the first half of 2020, subject to the outcome of Council's mandatory tendering processes. Upgrades of the existing amenities building and the Youth Centre and Community Hall will also be undertaken during 2020 to improve the overall condition and accessibility of these facilities in support of the new recreation precinct.
  • Installation of new bins and mall seats have been installed along the streets within the centre by Council as part of the Litter Free Ku-ring-gai Program.


Council has received a number of significant awards for the Activate Ku-ring-gai program: