Gordon Recreation Ground Landscape Masterplan


Council has prepared a Landscape Masterplan for Gordon Recreation Ground (the parkland between Werona Avenue and Rosedale Road), which is classified as a District Park within Council’s Open Space System. 

District Parks have features that attract people from outside the immediate neighbourhood, such as:

  • large open space areas
  • shaded areas and gardens for passive recreation
  • play areas
  • areas for social gatherings and picnics
  • toilet facilities and shelters
  • unique heritage and landscape character

Landscape Masterplans encourage the local community to have a say in the process of upgrading district parks. The Masterplan can identify embellishments that will improve a park, such as increasing recreation opportunities, integrating sustainability principles and improving facilities. The Masterplan can also inform us about other issues in a significant park that may guide management and maintenance practices.

Community consultation

During May 2016 residents were invited to complete an online survey to help guide the preparation of a draft Landscape Masterplan. The Draft Landscape Masterplan was placed on public exhibition in March 2018 and local residents and stakeholders were invited to comment. The insight and input from the community suggestions have been prioritised to determine a list of opportunities and identified needs for the Gordon Recreation Ground. The Landscape Masterplan was adopted by Council in June 2018. 

To view the Landscape Masterplan please click on the link below.

Gordon Recreation Ground - Landscape Masterplan (pdf. 4MB)

Conservation Management Plan

A Conservation Management Plan has been prepared for the existing structures within the park – the Gateway Pavilion and Tennis Pavilion. This document will help guide any future works to the buildings to ensure that any improvements are sympathetic to the existing character and cultural heritage of the site. To view the Conservation Management Plan for the Gateway Pavilion and Tennis Pavilion at Gordon Recreation Ground, please click on the link below.

Gordon Recreation Ground – Conservation Management Plan for Gateway Pavilion and Tennis Pavilion (pdf. 10MB)

For more information

If you have any questions not answered by this web page, please contact:

William Birt, Coordinator Design

Email: wbirt@kmc.nsw.gov.au

Phone: (02) 9424 0607

Visit: 818 Pacific Highway, Gordon