St Johns Avenue and Henry Street, Gordon streetscape improvements

St Johns Avenue in Gordon is going to be upgraded in the areas between the Pacific Highway and Gordon Station. Improvements to Heritage Square and the footpaths in Henry Street, between St Johns Street and the underpass, will also be part of the program.

This section of St Johns Avenue has been selected as it is an important gateway to Gordon Local Centre for arrivals by public transport and from the south along the Pacific Highway. It is also a key pedestrian area.

With the upgrade to the Gordon Station precinct in recent years and an increase in the number of eateries along St Johns Avenue, improvements to address the tired pavements and non-descript streetscape is needed.

Council is now eager to carry out the improvements to the rest of the precinct and has programmed the works in the Delivery Program 2018 – 2021 and Operational Plan 2018-2019


A vibrant eat street is the vision for St Johns Avenue to activate the precinct and promote a night-time economy to serve local residents and visitors to Gordon. The design will be developed in consultation with business owners and the community. Wider footpaths, outdoor dining, new pavements, street furniture and tree planting are some elements the Council is hoping to include in the new design. Henry Street footpaths will also be upgraded and street trees will provide environmental benefits to the local community.

Heritage Square will also be revamped so that it is more accessible and more integrated into the St Johns Avenue public domain.

The main objectives for the project are:

  • creating safer pedestrian spaces with improved lighting;
  • providing larger outdoor dining spaces;
  • strengthening and expanding existing businesses;
  • activating spaces to socialise in Gordon;
  • creating streets that are welcoming, clean and accessible;
  • providing shade;
  • encouraging active transport; and
  • improving the amenity of St Johns Ave and Henry Street.

The works will be funded through Section 94 contributions and the project will be managed by Council.

Concept design

View the concept design drawings.