Abingdon Road Reserve playground upgrade

Abingdon Road Playground  

Council is upgrading the playground at Abingdon Road Reserve

Community consultation was undertaken to inform the design of the local playground in mid 2019.

The community were then asked to provide feedback on the Concept Plan developed. Council have now updated the concept plan based on this feedback. The plan can be viewed following the link below. 

This consultation resulted in a variety of differing opinions on inclusions for the upgrade. Council is delivering an inclusive play space based on this feedback.

Our goal for the upgrade is to create an attractive, engaging and inclusive community place for everyone to enjoy. It will be a place to meet, play and relax that enhances the local neighbourhood and growing residential community.

The concept design for this local park includes:

  • A playground catering for a range of age groups and abilities.
  • A drinking fountain.
  • Rubber softfall.
  • Nature play elements.
  • Associated landscaping works.

About the playground

This playspace is categorised as a local playground. Local playgrounds generally cater for residents within walking distance and are not designed to attract users from much further afield.

They are the most common category of playgrounds within the Council and usually do not include facilities such as toilets as they are intended for shorter stays.

Updated concept plan Abingdon Road following consultation (pdf. 9MB)

Please note that the final detailed construction plans may differ from the concept due to feedback from the community and latent conditions of the site assessed and accommodated during the detailed design phase. 

What's next

Council is now progressing with the detailed design of the playground based on the concept plan. Council is looking to begin construction on the playground in May/June 2020 subject to a satisfactory outcome of Council's mandatory tendering process.

Further information

Should you require further information, please contact Landscape Architect – Marysia O’Shea on 9424 0678 or by email at moshea@kmc.nsw.gov.au