Lindfield Village Green

Lindfield Village Green artist impression  

Lindfield Village Green - a new civic space in Lindfield

Lindfield Village Green will transform the existing Council-owned car park at Tryon Road into a new public space. This exciting project will play a central role in community life for Lindfield residents, business people, commuters, shoppers and visitors.

The Village Green includes a café or restaurant and a public plaza. It is designed for social gatherings and easy movement of pedestrian and cyclists to the train station. When complete, the Village Green may host markets, outdoor cinema, live music and other performances to enliven the area.

The Village Green will also have public toilets, dual lifts and stair access to the basement car park.

Approval of the amended DA was granted in August 2018. Following the call for tenders, construction is scheduled to begin late 2019 or early 2020.

Anticipated program timeline

Construction of the project is scheduled to commence in 2019 or early 2020. Construction of the basement car park will take approximately 12 months. The new plaza and associated facilities will open a few months later.


*Dates are subject to change. To be updated at the start of each new milestone.

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