Lindfield Village Green

Lindfield Village Green

Work is well underway on the Lindfield Village Green project

Construction update - 25 June

Construction of the Lindfield Village Green commenced on 28 April. The project is progressing well with a number of early milestones reached, meaning we are on target to complete the project in late 2021.

Work completed so far includes site establishment works (including temporary fencing) and conversion of Havilah Lane into a two way street for improved local traffic flows. Excavation has now commenced along with piling, which will form the structure of the perimeter walls. A number of underground services (water, power etc) are being diverted during construction and this work will be completed in the near future. Work has also commenced on establishing the new entrance at Milray Street.

These works will continue in the coming month along with installation of temporary propping to buildings backing onto Chapman Lane. A hoarding directing the public to businesses adjoining the site is being installed this week.

We thank everyone for their patience while construction takes place.

Changes during construction

From 28 April, the Tryon Road car park closed to allow for construction of the Village Green.


With the Tryon Road car park closed, there is short stay parking for shoppers and visitors on surrounding streets with new 2P restrictions in place. 100 parking spaces in the basements of the neighbouring Harris Farm and IGA buildings are also available. Parking will be continually reviewed during construction.

The map outlines parking availability while the Lindfield Village Green is being built. When complete, the underground car park at the Village Green will have a total of 241 parking spaces.


Road closures and traffic changes

Chapman Lane and Kochia Lane between Havilah Lane and Lindfield Avenue are now closed.

Access to the shopping centre car parks (Harris Farm and IGA complexes) is from Havilah Lane which has now been widened to allow two-way traffic from Havilah Road.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian access will be maintained to businesses in the Lindfield Centre, Kochia Lane and between Milray Street and Lindfield Avenue. There is no direct access from Tryon Road to Havilah Lane. Strict site controls are being applied to ensure noise, dust and traffic impacts are minimised.

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