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Lindfield Village Green – Your questions answered

What is the Village Green?

The Village Green will transform the existing Council-owned car park at Tryon Road into a new civic open space. Beneath the Village Green will be a three level basement public car park, accessible by two lifts and stairs. 

In summary, the Lindfield Village Green will include: 

  • An open green space for social and recreation activities.
  • Public car parking - basement car park accesses by two lifts under the public open space with 81 spaces at B1 Level; and 54 on (part) B2 level and 105 public commuter spaces on (part) B2 and B3 Levels.
  • A pavilion building for a café or restaurant incorporating new public toilets.
  • Shared pathways for pedestrians and cyclists connecting to surrounding streets and the train station.
  • Climate change initiatives including integrated water management measures. 

Why is Council building this project?

Lindfield has undergone significant development and a corresponding population increase in recent years. The Council needs to provide adequate open space for local residents and the Village Green will fulfil this need. The Tryon Road car park was selected as it is a more cost effective option than acquiring land for open space in this central area and provides opportunities to enliven the Lindfield area.

Where is the Lindfield Village Green?

The site is located in Council’s Tryon Road car park behind the Lindfield Avenue shops, 50 metres from Lindfield train station. It is bounded by Lindfield Avenue to the west, Tryon Road to the south, Milray Street to the east and Kochia Lane to the north.

The area is currently used for public car parking by shoppers and visitors to the eastern side of Lindfield local centre. 

How is the project being managed and paid for?

Kane Constructions has been awarded the contract to deliver Lindfield Village Green for Ku-ring-gai Council. Kane is a multi-award winning construction company that bring a wealth of design, building and project management experience to the project. They will work closely with Council to ensure that the project is delivered efficiently while working to minimise impact on local residents and businesses.

Ku-ring-gai Council is funding the majority of the project acquired largely from Section 94 (development contributions) with a small portion coming from the proceeds from the sale of No. 9 Havilah Lane. 

Additional funding for the 105 additional commuter parking spaces is being supplied by the New South Wales Government.

During construction

What are the parking arrangements during construction?

Tryon Road car park is now closed for the project construction.

Council has made changes to existing parking conditions to provide short stay parking for shoppers and visitors. 100 parking spaces in the basements of the neighbouring Harris Farm and IGA buildings are also available. Parking capacity on the surrounding streets will be continually reviewed during construction. This will be done by changing parking restrictions to allow higher turnover, inserting drop off zones, accessible parking and new loading zones.

Parking restrictions will only be temporary while we build a facility that will cater for a total of 241 parking spaces.

The following map outlines parking availability during construction of Lindfield Village Green.


Will there be road closures or related changes?

Chapman Lane and Kochia Lane between Havilah Lane and Lindfield Avenue are now closed. This means that access to the shopping centre car parks (Harris Farm and IGA complexes) is from Havilah Lane which has now been widened to allow two-way traffic from Havilah Road.

Will pedestrian access change on or around the site?

Pedestrian access will be maintained to businesses in the Lindfield Centre as well as businesses on Kochia Lane. Access will also be maintained between Milray Street and Lindfield Avenue. However there is no direct access from Tryon Road to Havilah Lane.

How will construction be managed?

Construction activities are subject to the standard conditions that are imposed as part of the development approval process. These conditions will cover noise, disturbance and working hours. 

Council will work closely with the building contractor, Kane Construction to ensure that the project is delivered efficiently while working to minimise impact on local residents and businesses.


How have the community been involved in Lindfield Village Green project?

Since the start of the project, Council has actively involved the local community in the development of the Village Green through a range of community engagement activities. These include community events on site; drop in information sessions, meetings and briefings, questionnaires and online forums/surveys.

The community has had direct in involvement in:

  • Helping develop the concept of the Village Green (2014).
  • Choosing the preferred design option for the site (2015).
  • Amending the design to improve traffic flow by removing access from Tyron Road  and reducing pedestrian /vehicle conflict by removing vehicular access through the site via Chapman Lane (2015).
  • The Development Assessment process for the first iteration of the DA (approved by Sydney North Planning Panel (2017).
  • Further amendments to the DA include an additional level of basement parking and an additional lift servicing the basement (currently under assessment).

More details of the community engagement are available here

When the Green is complete, how will the car park be accessed? 

Vehicles will access the car park via an entry point on Milray Street. Studies indicate that this access point will create less impact and distributing traffic flow more evenly than access/egress from Tryon Road. This will also provide excellent pedestrian links to Lindfield Station by eliminating cars from the main Village Green area.

Pedestrians will access the car park via two lifts located at the northern edge of the development. Two sets of stairs in separate locations will also be available. Shopping trolleys from the neighbouring developments will not be permitted in the Village Green car park as the shops have their own dedicated car parking with facilities for trolley storage and collection. Council will develop a trolley management strategy in conjunction with the neighbouring shops before the new car park opens.

How many car spaces will be available?

The Village Green project will deliver the same number of short stay car parking spaces as is on site currently (136). In addition, the development will accommodate a further 105 commuter car parking spaces funded by Transport for NSW.

Will the noise from the movement of trucks servicing the shops on Lindfield Avenue from Havilah Lane be an issue?

As part of the DA approved by the Sydney North Planning Panel in 2018, acoustic monitoring and reporting was required. The report indicated that the anticipated increase in noise will be within acceptable Australian standards.  The decision to cut off Chapman Lane and Kochia Lane (West) for vehicular access (a way for trucks to access the supermarkets while minimising acoustic impacts on residents) was made in response to community feedback about eliminating pedestrian and vehicular conflicts.

Has Council included emergency parking and loading zones in the development?

Emergency vehicles and loading zones were considered in the development application.

As part of the assessment of the DA by an independent traffic engineer, the Council was deemed to have met Australian Standards regarding emergency parking and loading zones and the DA was approved by the Sydney North Planning Panel in October 2017.

Has Council considered and addressed future parking needs in the area?

Council is providing the same short-term parking on site as is currently available. In addition, there will be 105 extra commuter parking spaces, which will help manage parking availability in local streets.  Parking will be monitored and demand management strategies applied (including on-street timed parking) should they be needed. The Ku-ring-gai Traffic Committee will determine any additional requirements at the appropriate time.

Trolley management

Trolleys will not be allowed in the Village Green car park as the neighbouring shops have purpose built facilities to accommodate trolley movements and storage. Council will work with the shop owners to agree on a trolley management plan before the Village Green car park opens.

Traffic flow estimates, projections and changes

These were addressed in analysis prepared for the development application approved in October 2017. The analysis concluded that the new Village Green would result in satisfactory traffic performance on the surrounding roads. Further analysis relating to the amended development (with additional level of basement parking) indicated minimal additional impacts. That is, even with additional levels of parking traffic performance would still be deemed satisfactory.

Why has Council opted for dining instead of additional green space or a playground?

Dining in the new pavilion will provide new eateries, public toilet facilities, a focal point for socialising and improve security and safety.

When the car park is operating, how will people be made aware of available parking?

As outlined in the development application, a parking guidance system and associated signage will be installed. This will be displayed at the entrance on Milray Street to inform patrons of parking availability.

How can I get updates on the Village Green?

We will be providing regular updates about the project as it progresses via an e-newsletter and our website.

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