Lindfield Village Hub FAQs for Expression of Interest Process

The EOI process

Who can apply to participate in the EOI?

All parties or consortia that have experience in developing mixed use land sites.

How can interested parties lodge a response to the EOI?

Upon payment of the fee and completing the Confidentiality Deed Poll, applicants will be given access to download the Invitation for Expression of Interest document, which details the process for lodging an EOI.

Will the EOI ask for binding financial offers and new designs?

The EOI asks for evidence of financial capability, experience in projects of a similar nature and the applicant’s response to Council’s project vision and objectives. Note: Financially binding offers and designs will be requested in stage 2 – the Request for Tender (RFT).

How long is the EOI open for?

From 2 October 2018 to 2 of November 2018 unless changed by an addendum.

Is Council specifying a height limit or details of increased density for the site in the EOI?

Height and densities are currently being reviewed by Council and the EOI documentation states this. The community will be consulted on the options for increased height and density in October/November 2018. The outcome of this review will be presented to Council before the RFT is released in early 2019.

Who will evaluate the EOI?

As part of the required tendering process, an evaluation committee is established to assess submissions. The evaluation committee will have internal and external specialist advisors.

What criteria will be used to evaluate the EOI?

The evaluation criteria were adopted in the Council meeting of 14 August 2018. Evaluation will be by the following five criteria:

  • Financial capacity
  • Specific experience and capacity
  • Project vision
  • Understanding of Council project objectives, community and key stakeholders
  • Market appreciation

Will the newly formed Major Projects Advisory Committee be involved in the EOI?

The Major Projects Advisory Committee will be requested to provide advice to Council regarding the EOI outcome.

When will a decision be made on selecting a shortlist of applicants?

The outcome of the EOI submissions will be reported to Council in December 2018.

Will the public be told who has responded to the EOI?

The government procurement process is there to ensure all parties are treated fairly. The list of companies that made submissions will be provided but not the submissions themselves.

Will the public be told when a decision is made after evaluation of EOIs received?

We expect the outcome of the EOI will be reported to Council in December 2018 and prospective applicants informed after this. The public will be made aware after the respective parties have been informed.

What will happen after the EOI?

A recommended shortlist of developers will be presented to Council in December 2018. The next stage is to issue a Request for Tender (RFT) to shortlisted development parties in early 2019. Submissions to the RFT are expected later in 2019.