Our vision

Lindfield Village Hub will be a mixed-use centre on the site of the current Woodford Lane car park between Beaconsfield Parade and Bent Street, behind the Pacific Highway shops.

In the heart of the Hub -  an active and vibrant village green with cafes and dining areas facing onto a beautiful new public park. A new state of the art library/community centre and a child care facility will, together with the park and park side dining, create a vibrant new community heart for the residents of Lindfield and surrounding suburbs.

The new Hub will stimulate the local economy and create a new design excellence for civic spaces in Ku-ring-gai. 

The Lindfield Village Hub will be a great space for people of all ages to enjoy.

Project snapshot




Did you know?

People we surveyed in August 2018 told us that eating and drinking was the most important activity in the
new Lindfield Village Hub.


Six reasons to get excited about Lindfield Village Hub

  1. Everything you need in one place, whatever your age, needs and interests
  2. Flexible community spaces adapting to future community needs and our changing community
  3. Design excellence in streetscaping, building character and landscaping
  4. Pedestrian access promoting sustainable transport options, and end of trip facilities
  5. Better connectivity to public transport and improved local road access
  6. Injecting vitality and energy into Lindfield and surrounding suburbs

Lindfield Village Hub site


An indicative image below of the Lindfield Village Hub created in June 2019.

Please note that this is an artists impression only and may not reflect the Lindfield Village Hub when built.