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The Lindfield Village Hub is the largest project Ku-ring-gai Council has ever undertaken and will revitalise the centre of Lindfield.

This is why.

We know that the Ku-ring-gai region is changing.  Our population will age at a higher rate than Greater Sydney and we will accommodate around 20,000 new residents by 2038 representing a forecast population growth of approximately 17% from 2016 figure. The Greater Sydney Commission North District Plan could further modify these forecasts.

The Lindfield Village Hub responds to:

  • The Greater Sydney Commission's North District Plan.
  • Ku-ring-gai Council's Community Strategic Plan which identifies nine priorities to manage our community profile.
  • Council's earlier proposals to develop the Woodford Lane car park site.

Our community facilities are ageing and will not keep up with future demand and changing needs.  We need flexible facilities that will adapt as we change.

Read more about the Greater Sydney Commission’s North District Plan  

Read more about Council’s Community Strategic Plan


Did you know?

Our community vision is a Ku-ring-gai that is a creative, healthy and liveable place where people
respect each other, conserve the 
magnificent environment and a society for the children and
grandchildren of the future. 


A place for the future

Council will operate new community facilities in the Lindfield Village Hub and we want to learn more about how you currently use libraries and community centres and how you will use these services in the future.  Future-proofing our services and amenities is a Council priority.
Here are some of the options for the Lindfield Village Hub community facilities.

More space for community organisations

We know that Ku-ring-gai has a high rate of community involvement and volunteering – how would your favourite community group use more space?

Small business networking

We know that Ku-ring-gai has a thriving small and medium size business sector – what services and technology does this sector need to grow?

Services for older people

We know that Ku-ring-gai's 2018 Community Strategic Plan forecasts that the elderly population will grow to 14.7%  by 2038 – how do we provide services for older people to encourage social inclusion?

Greater housing choice

We know that Ku-ring-gai has one of the highest percentages of detached dwellings – how do we provide appropriate housing choices for different housing needs?

Activities for young people

We know that Ku-ring-gai has a growing demographic of young people from 0-11 years and 12-17 years – how do we encourage them to be active and provide learning experiences for them?

Our objective is to design a place to play, shop, learn, eat, socialise and work.  The Lindfield Village Hub will set a new standard for quality design, new services and amenities for everyone to enjoy.


Did you know?

A hub is a collection of facilities clustered together on the same or adjoining sites. Hubs play an
important role in helping bring people together and creating a sense of local community identity. 


Community consultation in 2019

 We will be carrying out further consultation with the community early in 2019 to include everyone’s views about the Lindfield Village Hub.

Get involved


  • See the project information at Gordon library
  • Meet the team at Council’s Australia Day event


  • Talk to us at pop-up project displays
  • Be a film star! – video your comments
  • Listen to talks by the project experts in the libraries at Gordon and Lindfield

March, April and May

We have more engagement activities planned from March – May 2019. 

Future engagement dates will be posted on this website.

Community consultation

Community consultation in 2018

During the first half of November 2018 Council hosted seven workshops to discuss the Lindfield Village Hub with the community. At the workshop three development scenarios were presented to the community.

Thanks to everyone who participated. The discussions were very informative and will help us take the project forward.

The results from the workshops were presented to the Lindfield Village Hub Community Reference Committee in December 2018.

View the scenarios

We are now inviting everyone in the community to view the scenarios presented at the workshops.

These are included in the information boards as presented at the workshops

If you have any enquiries please email us.



Did you know?

In 2016, 27.7% of people in Ku-ring-gai spoke a language other than English at home and 38.9% of
people were born overseas from 100 different countries. 


Learn more about the Lindfield Village Hub

Newsletter January 2019 (pdf. 4MB)

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There will be a range of ways to get involved in future discussions about the Village Hub. Please bookmark this web page so you can keep up-to-date on what’s happening.

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Contact us

For more information about the project please contact or 9424 0000.

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