Warrimoo downhill Mountain Bike Track

The trail is currently closed. We are working to reopen sections if we can do so without impacting the threatened ecological community and species of flora and fauna.

The Warimoo downhill mountain bike trail network in Ku-ring-gai Creek Reserve was closed in June 2016 due to concerns about damage to some of Ku-ring-gai’s most ecologically significant bushland.

Following discussions with the local mountain bike community, we are now working on options to reopen part of the trail. This involves completing an ecological feasibility study on reopening parts of the track. The study is being done in consultation with an experienced mountain bike trail builder to align achievable track modifications with desired ecological outcomes and rider experience.

We are hoping that the Study will be completed by mid 2018. If a sustainable option to reopen parts of the a track at the site is identified, the proposal will be costed and a  funding strategy and community partnerships will be identified. 

Should the ecological feasibility study conclude that no track is sustainable in this ecologically sensitive reserve, the Council will consult the mountain bike community to identify how they can support mountain biking elsewhere.

While the study is being completed the Warrimoo Downhill Mountain Bike Track will remain closed.

More info about why the trail was closed

The trail is located in Ku-ring-gai Creek Reserve directly to the west of Warrimoo Oval in St Ives Chase. The reasons why the track has had to be closed are:

  • The land where the track has been built is impacting the Endangered Ecological Community (EEC) Coastal Upland Swamp, which is protected by State and Federal legislation
  • The tracks are impacting individually threatened species of flora, including Tetratheca glandulosa and Melaleuca deanei
  • The site also provides habitat for threatened fauna, including the Eastern Pygmy Possum, Heath Monitor and Red Crowned Toadlet
  • Several factors affecting the site because of the track, including bush rock removal, clearing of native vegetation and removal of dead trees and wood. This is adversely affecting the Coastal Upland Swamp and individual threatened species.


Further enquiries

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Jacob Sife
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