Warrimoo downhill Mountain Bike Track

An improved downhill mountain biking experience is being planned for Ku-ring-gai Creek Reserve in St Ives Chase while protecting the sensitive ecosystem and threatened species.

The Warrimoo trail network was closed in June 2016 due to concerns about damage to some of Ku-ring-gai’s most ecologically significant bushland and numerous threatened species which occur on-site. Ku-ring-gai Council commissioned an ecological feasibility study and consulted with mountain bikers, environmental groups, ecologists and local residents to find an ecologically sustainable option to provide a world class downhill experience.

Professional track builders have now been selected to modify parts of the trail to mitigate the environmental impacts and avoid sensitive areas whilst constructing a challenging downhill mountain biking track which will compliment mountain biking experiences within Ku-ring-gai and across the region.

Parts of the track which intersect the Coastal Upland Swamp endangered ecological community or which impact threatened species of their habitat will remain closed and be rehabilitated. A grant of $69,000 from the NSW Environmental Trust will fund part of the rehabilitation works and improve drainage from Warrimoo Oval car park.

Illegal track construction

Illegal track construction can cause detrimental impact to bushland, threatened species and their habitats. Our native species and ecological communities are protected under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, and impacting upon them can lead to prosecution.

Ku-ring-gai Council has an obligation to prevent damage within bushland reserves and will remove illegal structures and seek to rehabilitate areas where illegal tracks have been formed.

Community members wanting to contribute to trail networks should contact Council about joining a trail care group

Trail Care

A volunteer Trail Care group will be established to assist during the construction of the Warrimoo Downhill track and once the track is open, will continue to assist Council with track maintenance.


Further enquiries

Natural Areas Program Leader
Jacob Sife
Phone: 9424 0000