Footpaths in Ku-ring-gai


We are committed to providing well maintained footpaths across Ku-ring-gai in order to improve safety and amenity for our community. This is especially important in high traffic areas or in streets close to shops, train stations, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and parks.  

Council delivers this through the design and construction of new footpaths, the reconstruction of existing footpaths that are in poor condition, as well as ongoing maintenance to remove trip hazards and improve pedestrian accessibility.

Learn  more about new footpaths.

Learn more about footpath maintenance.

Distribution and condition of footpaths

Currently there is a total area of 337,000 sqm of concrete and 153,000 sqm of asphalt of footpaths across Ku-ring-gai which Council is responsible for maintaining.

These paths are fairly evenly distributed across the wards.  

Footpath Charts-01.png  

The condition of footpaths across Ku-ring-gai is generally very good, with over 80% of footpaths ranked as in "Near perfect" or "Some superficial deterioration" condition across all the pedestrian usage categories. The condition of footpaths is determined from council’s routine inspection program, which you can learn more about on our Footpath maintenance page

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Footpath request forms

Should you see a footpath that looks like it needs repair, we encourage you to contact Council so that we can investigate and repair it or schedule it in future works programs. You can also make a request for a new footpath.

Footpath maintenance request form

New footpath request form

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