Orange Green playground upgrade

About the playgroundorange-green-upgrade

This playspace is categorised as a local playground.

Local playgrounds generally cater for residents within walking distance and are not designed to attract users from much further afield.

They are the most common category of playgrounds within the Council and usually do not include facilities such as toilets as they are intended for shorter stays.

Our goal

Our goal for the upgrade is to create an attractive, engaging and inclusive community place for everyone to enjoy.

It will be a place to meet, play and relax that enhances the local neighbourhood and growing residential community.

Upgrades for local playgrounds generally include things like:

  • Play equipment catering for a range of age groups and abilities.
  • Drinking fountain.
  • Rubber softfall.
  • Nature play elements.
  • Associated landscaping works.

What’s next

To assist us in designing a new play space, we invite you to complete a user survey below.


This will help us create a playground design that best suits your needs, subject to available budgets and the site’s constraints.


If you have any questions please contact Genevieve Tredoux on 9424 0000 or by email at