Rofe Park synthetic turf upgrade

Council meeting 10 December 2019

Council at its meeting held 10 December 2019 considered a Notice of Motion regarding the Proposed Synthetic Surface at Rofe Park (Mimosa Sportsground), South Turramurra and Council resolved the following:

A.     That Council not proceed with installation of synthetic grass at Mimosa Oval / Rofe Park as:

i.     the oval is impacted by the Vegetation Category 1 bushfire zone and the proposal presents an unacceptable fire risk.

ii.    the oval is surrounded by Rofe Park and Sheldon Forest comprising Ku-ring-gai’s only Biodiversity Stewardship Site.

iii.   the proposal cannot accommodate informal recreational use currently enjoyed by the community.

B.      That all persons who made a submission be advised of Council’s decision. 

Proposed synthetic turf field, Mimosa Road, South Turramurra

Earlier this year, Ku-ring-gai Council decided to investigate converting Rofe Park (Mimosa Sportsground) to a synthetic turf field. The synthetic field would be used primarily for soccer, with some capacity for other sports such as cricket, touch football and Frisbee.

Council had originally investigated converting Norman Griffiths Oval at West Pymble to a synthetic field. However as the Oval is a flood prone area, this project is no longer viable.

Increased community sporting demands in the local area means Council is now investigating Rofe Park as an alternative site for a synthetic turf field. Communities need accessible, versatile play surfaces for people of all ages. Parks and sportsfields with synthetic turf promote year-round activity on safe and resilient surfaces.

Council is partnering with the Northern Suburbs Football Association and West Pymble Football Club on this project. Both the Association and the Club have obtained a number of NSW Government grants to contribute to a synthetic turf field at Rofe Park, should the project proceed.

The information below is designed to help you understand the project proposal.

If you have any questions not answered here please contact Guy Thomas, Strategic Recreation Planner on 9424 0725 or email

Community consultation on the proposal closed on  23 September 2019.

What’s the purpose of this project?

Ku-ring-gai Council needs to improve the capacity of local sporting spaces due to increasing demand. As a result we are considering installing multi-purpose synthetic surfaces at new or existing sites. Parks and sportsfields with synthetic turf can handle year-round activity on safe and resilient surfaces.

Council is looking to convert the existing field at Rofe Park into a synthetic field. This will include upgrades to drainage and landscaping. Works are unlikely to include changes to lighting, amenities or the car park.

Why has Rofe Park been chosen?

The preference for the synthetic field to be located at Mimosa Sportsground rather than the Norman Griffiths Oval was based on the following:

  • As part of the Flood Assessment Final Report prepared by Jacobs Group Consultants in October 2018, Council initially prepared two concept plan options to ensure that the proposed split basin design at Norman Griffiths Oval met the flood immunity requirements.
  • Both options were not able to achieve the flood immunity for the oval for 2% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) flood event. Option 1 with the basin configuration was highly preferred as it allowed for a full-sized soccer field, with reduced flood storage volume. The alternative option basin configuration required a reduced-size soccer field to achieve a larger flood storage volume.
  • Council staff, in conjunction with the Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA), considered the advice provided by the Jacobs Group along with factors including cost/available funding, desired space for the sports field, likely use (vehicular traffic) and environmental aspects, among other, in selection of a preferred concept.
  • Subsequent revision of the preferred concept plan was able to achieve a full-size field (100m x 70m) and the minimum basin volume levels to meet flood immunity for the oval for 2% AEP. Unfortunately, due to the site complexities it was determined that the project was simply not viable. Major site constraints such as the oval being a flood detention basin, limiting size or space to achieve flood immunity whilst maintaining a full size field, environmental factors (removal of trees within the Sydney Turpentine Ironback Forest along the south eastern side and vegetation along Lofberg Road on the north eastern side) and visual connectivity with the surrounding Bicentennial Park implicated prohibitive costs to achieve the conversion.
  • In response to the lost opportunity of a synthetic field at Norman Griffiths Oval and the need to meet the community sporting demand within the immediate area, Council has investigated Rofe Park (Mimosa Sportsground), South Turramurra as an alternative site suitable for a synthetic surface.

Following investigation of other sites, Rofe Park is the most suitable synthetic field due to:

  • its location
  • close proximity to sportsfields (eg. Norman Griffiths Oval and Howson Oval)
  • its size and capacity for a synthetic field
  • existing floodlighting, fencing and car parking
  • existing drainage and irrigation.


If you have any questions not answered here please contact Guy Thomas, Strategic Recreation Planner on 9424 0725 or email