Turramurra Community Hub


As part of the Activate Turramurra program local residents have told us their vision for Turramurra, which includes:

  • a new local library;
  • a new multi-purpose community centre;
  • a new park;
  • a new town square;
  • improved streetscapes.

Council has undertaken significant community consultation and commissioned numerous background studies to inform its decisions when planning for revitalisation of Turramurra.



Project update – June 2020

A Council decision in May 2020 has paused the project in order to develop a new Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

LEPs are the planning guidelines that councils must have to plan land use and development in each of their areas. The NSW Government has asked all councils in the state to prepare new LEPS by 2021.

Planning studies on the Turramurra Community Hub had been progressing but with a review of Ku-ring-gai’s LEP and accompanying Development Control Plan (DCP) currently underway, the Council has decided to pause the Hub project to allow these to be completed. 

When complete the new LEP and DCP will provide a confirmed planning framework for all Ku-ring-gai land, including the Turramurra Community Hub site.

The Turramurra Community Hub is reliant on accurate forecasts of housing and population growth in Turramurra and more broadly in Ku-ring-gai.

These forecasts will form an important part of the new Local Environmental Plan and ultimately the Turramurra Community Hub. 

Turramurra Community Hub Masterplan

The Turramurra Community Hub will be a mix of community facilities, open space, residential uses and retail, designed to breathe new life into Turramurra Local Centre. The Hub site comprises land between the railway line, Ray Street and the Pacific Highway.

In consultation with the community, Council developed a masterplan for the site in 2016 and following public exhibition and several adjustments, Council resolved on 7 February 2017 to adopt the masterplan. Council also adopted a future Local Centre traffic and transport strategy and undertook rezoning and reclassification of the Council-owned land to support the masterplan.

The adopted masterplan involves land owned by both Council and private parties including the Coles Group. During 2015 and 2016 Council undertook consultation with Coles to investigate the possibility of entering into an Agreement with Coles. 

Turramurra Community Hub staff are working on the business case which is scheduled to be finalised this year, including an updated programme.  Once that has been completed we shall be able to provide a further update on the timing of next steps for the Turramurra project.

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